Discussion Question

Discussion One

The article on transformational leadership and product innovation performance assesses the different models that have been defined to assess roles of technology and entrepreneurship. It is an inductive research that assesses different roles that have been identified and analyzed for improving the leadership models identified. It is critically evaluated through the different theories that have been analyzed.

The research outlines the individual models that have been identified. The article on enforcement ethics and international codes of conduct that have been critically evaluated in the systems applied for deductive research. The models that have been translated are critically outlined and developed through the systems needed. The level of police ethics and misconduct have been critically evaluated and integrated within the individual systems applied. The enforcement ethics have been analyzed and critically measured in the individual tools that have been defined.

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Discussion Two

The first article on Leadership collects data through questionnaires that have been defined and critically measured through assessing different leaders. The data that has been collected is critically evaluated and measured through defining the individual methods that are critical for leaders. Technology and corporate entrepreneurship has been developed through the individual tools that are needed. The tools that are objectively developed and measured are therefore, critical towards ensuring that the best measures and models are critically developed.

The second article is a case study that have been needed and critically evaluated. The enforcement ethics and codes of conduct have been analyzed through a case study model and needs to collect data and information through interviews and questionnaires. It has been critically modeled and developed through the different tools that have been defined by the researcher thereby creating the systems that have been developed.


Cawthray, T., Prenzler, T., & Porter, L. E. (2013). Updating International Law Enforcement Ethics: International Codes of Conduct.? Criminal Justice Ethics,? 32(3), 187-209.

Chen, Y., Tang, G., Jin, J., Xie, Q., & Li, J. (2014). CEOs transformational leadership and product innovation performance: The roles of corporate entrepreneurship and technology orientation.? Journal of Product Innovation Management,? 31(S1), 2-17.

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