Desire of the Everlasting Hills

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“Desire of the Everlasting Hills is a documentary about three people with same sex attraction finding themselves and chasity through God. Rilene is one of the people who found out she was gay later in life. Rilene was confused about her sexual attractions but she thought this was correct because no guys liked her. Rilene had a very powerful experience with a woman, but later on in the documentary, Rilene realized that the love of God is the ultimate gratification in the world.

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So Rilene concluded that she would be open to liking the opposite sex if that is what God intends her life to be. Dan was another person in the documentary who knew he was gay at a young age. Dan denied his attraction towards guys at first and he would curse God. Later on in the documentary, Dan mets a guy and starts to accept his sexaul attractions. However, one day Dan meets a woman and starts to take interest in her. Dan thought pursuing a life with the woman instead of the man was what his life was always supposed to be like because he wanted to have kids. At the end, Dan realized that God has built a deeper meaning for all of us. Dan started to live a chaste life and started to focus on others more than himself. Paul is the last person in the documentary who lived a exotic life with guys in the beginning. Paul lived in New York at first but fled to San Francisco because of the spread of AIDS. Paul heard a voice talking to him as he was getting his AIDS test results saying he does not have AIDS because he has to make up for the life he’s been living. Paul went to confession one day and felt relieved and over joyed. Paul decided to live a chaste life with his partner, which ended up being a good decision because he and his partner had a better relationship.

I thought each person in the documentary had good and powerful stories to share with others. In the beginning of documentary, each person told how they felt about telling their stories to the public. Everyone of them said they were nervous and scared that others would judge them. Often people judge people who are gay, so the three knew they may get negatively judged. I give Rilene, Dan, and Paul credit for being brave in sharing their stories to the world. It was hard enough to find the truth about themselves, but it is much harder to publicly tell their stories. I liked how all the stories were different in their own ways but connected all together at the end. Each person ended up finding God and finding happiness in their lives.

This documentary is good to see because it shows how they can still have a relationship with God. Many people think if they are gay, God will not care or like them anymore. However, this documentary shows how people can be gay and still be a part of God’s relationship. Rilene’s story can show others that they are not alone in the world. Although people may feel alone or confused because they are unsure about their sexual attractions, Rilene’s story shows how they are not. People can see that Rilene opened up to the ideal of God, which lead her to find happiness and being content. Dan’s story is about how someone who is gay can still be united with God. Other people who are gay and are in denial can learn a lot from Dan. Paul is a great example for others who are gay. Paul’s story is the ultimate truth on God’s view on same sex-attraction. It is true that God intended males and females to be together, however, God does not look down or ban same sex-attractors. People who are attracted to the same sex can be together as long as they are living a chaste life. This is what Paul and his partner did, they both wanted to be together but they understood they have to live a life in chastity. Paul and his partner found out that their relationship got better because of chastity. This can be an examples for others because being in a relationship does not only mean sex. Through all of this, Paul’s relationship became stronger.”

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