Depiction of Medea’s Character

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“She lies there eating nothing. Surrendering her body to her sorrows, pining away in tears unceasingly since she saw that her husband had wronged her. She will not look up, will not lift her face from the ground, but listens to her friends as they give advice no more than if she were a rock or a wave of the sea.” (Euripides 1) the nurse described Medea after she was informed about Jason’s marriage with the princess in the play. Euripides then had decided to put the nurse and the chorus to sympathize and comfort Medea in order to show that they understood what she was going through.

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As the play continued, Medea’s bad side was uncovered. This was the side that no conventional woman should have. It was expected that all woman conveyed a dim side, yet Medea’s made a catastrophe of heartbreak. Ascending out of hopelessness, Medea hit back at Jason for his betraying act. Her love for revenge has hazed her nurturing mind. Her kids were put in danger due to their detrimental mother hatred, which shows symbolism in a way. Medea’s two children symbolized the love that her and Jason had, but now that, that was over she wants no memory of her marriage therefore she murders them. No ancient mother would have hated their own children. Foreshadowing is shown when the nurse says “But she hates her children and feels no joy in seeing them. I know her and I fear that she may go silently into the house where her bed is laid and drive a sharpened sword into their heart.” (Euripides 2). ). It shows us how Medea would get her payback one way or another if someone was ever to do her wrong, the audience can kind of tell from this that something is bound to happen. Regardless of whether their husband betrayed them, they would live on and raise their youngsters on their own. It was their obligation as a spouse, and commitment as a mother.

Medea remorselessly cleansed every last bit of her affection for her kids and for herself. She was ready to forfeit everything for the vengeance against her deceptive husband. Medea looks for revenge with a determination to solve the issue the same way a man would. Indeed, even in the present society men are relied upon to be defenders or aggressors. Nonetheless, in the play, this is Medea’s part. In this way, she twists the laws of original gender roles. A woman looking for revenge sees society’s perspective of ladies as frail. By a long shot, Medea isn’t frail. Medea demonstrates incredible pride in her character, which is the part of the male character. The author influences from traditional gender roles by making a female character have much control in her life and circumstances.

In a way, Medea accomplishes the mission that she had put upon herself. She gains the delight of seeing her husband endure the loss of his kids exceeded her own remorse at murdering them. This shows us irony due to Medea committing prolicide, she ruined her husband’s life and she was exiled but was still content with herself. Medea feels all the love at the beginning of the play but then that turns that emotion turns intp hatred and resentment. The fact that Jason had decided to take a new wife intimidates Medea’s proud and powerful life. Even though she does “put herself in a man’s place”, ironically, Jason’s betrayal moves Medea into a beggar status. She knows that she does not have any kind of authority or power over anyone in the land which of course ends up leaving her powerless and desperate. But, she changes that by creating a plan that revolves around herself and she ends up finding and gaining that power and authority.

Even in the present society, gender roles have an influence in how individuals see the world. Even though they are more imperative than the gender roles are the feelings that alienate the mind of the human. Medea indicates how jealousy can lead to revenge and impact terrible choices and destroy or even end lives. Ironically, the choices she makes to kill her kids, leaves Jason vulnerable much like a Greek spouse around this time. She expels the open door for him to voice his suppositions, needs, and wants. This flip of customary gender roles indicates how gender roles are not such reliable ways to view the world.

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