Dancing as my Passion

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Dancing as my Passion

In this personal essay, the writer will share their journey and experiences with dancing, expressing why it is their passion. The essay will discuss how dancing has impacted their life, providing a sense of expression, freedom, and joy. It will reflect on the physical, emotional, and social aspects of dancing, and how it serves as a powerful form of communication and self-expression. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Passion.

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Dance is an art, in my word. Art is the window of my soul, is the tool for the communications with others, and the magic thing about dance is you can use the beauty of your body language to express your feeling and convey your message to the audience. Dance is the language hidden in the soul, every movement is a word, and it combine the dance to this beautiful poem. In fact, I have several years of dance experience of hip hop and Jazz, and I still think about this question all the time: “What changes has dancing brought to you?” And back to this class again, Mrs.

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Tedford’s enthusiasm and energy of a dancer, let me have a passion for dancing again, and she gave us this quote: ‘Dance enables to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time’, I think dance can help you find yourself because it can help you to build your confidence, Through your body language to present a story, to show your inner belief.

I think the biggest key point of dancing is that it can bring you great self-confidence. I have to say that in this world, self-confidence is very important for us. What kind of self-confidence a person possesses can really decide a lot. When you have self-confidence, you will gradually become a special success. Because when you have confidence, you will be interested in doing anything related to your success. You will take the initiative to do something that will benefit you, and you will do it well, because you have the confidence that you can do it well. Just like Mrs. Tedford told us, ‘the best dance education I understand is to help everyone find their own value in life.

It’s enough to do what you like and live the life you want.’Everyone lives in this world has his own pursuit, and for dance, it is not only an art that can express your attitude and convey your thoughts, but also the best communication between people. Dance is such an amazing knowledge that can lead you to the right track, dance is so connected to our every life, for example, on the road to success, there will inevitably be some setbacks, I would like to say: don’t think success is worth joy. In fact, failure is also beautiful. Although when failure comes, we will unconsciously fall into frustration and pain, lose confidence and even think of giving up. But we often forget to reflect on ourselves and learn from experience.

Just like dance, everything needs it to practice repeatedly every day, practice the dance move in front of the mirror, even though you are sweating, but because dancing brings you pleasure and belief, you have to stick to it anyway. In many cases, success is only a little bit short, but in the face of failure, all we can do is stand up and try again. In the garden of dance, we must pay immeasurable effort and use our sweat to water the flower, and the flower of success must blossom perfectly. When I stand on the stage, I think of the bitterness of learning dance. But because what dance brought to me these years, and I think maybe I am a flower in this art garden, which will blossom on the stage of success!

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