Cyber Crime in Daily Life

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In every law enforcement department, it is important for officers to work with Integrity and ethics can be fundamental.  According to U.S Department of Justice Police integrity and ethics are fundamental to effective policing and help build trust within communities. Building a transparency relation with the community can help the department by reducing the number of complaints and reduce the crime rate.  Finding ways to improve integrity by stopping cybercrime among officer’s it is important for any department, like for example address and discipline minor  offenses so officers learn that major offenses will be disciplined too.

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  Finding ways of communicating with the department leaders it is important to have a visual of what are their expectations. By training these officer’s it is going to easier to stop cybercrime incidents, like being able to solve identity cases.

Integrity it is Prudence, Trust Effacement of self-interests, Courage Intellectual honesty, Justice Responsibility.   It is important for the department to train every officer to achieve their goal and not contributing to the officer’s with the best understanding of what proper steps can be taken to solve an identity theft case. It is crucial for an officer to understand the serious of the problem by following the important and discrete this happens when “someone steals your personal information to commit fraud ( 2018).   Being able to educate the community with the proper steps to stop or prevent identity theft can help to reduce crime rate.

Leadership constitutes an integral part of police work, and the head of an organization holds the ultimate responsibility for its shortcomings. Conversely, this individual greatly can influence the success of an agency.  Continuously, integrity is driven by an organization’s culture. Every organization has a responsibility to guide and to encourage their officers to respond properly by following their rules and regulations by conducting with integrity and professionalism.  Every officer can guide the victim’s by showing them the proper procedures of forms that can prevent of being identity theft victim’s over again.  What steps can a victim take immediately consist of contacting all creditors and banks not forgetting credit bureaus after the police report is made.  Making sure to check monthly statement’s if there are any changes made.

Nowadays, the department set high ethical standards by making changes according to the law.  The identity theft law “Prior to 1998, crimes that would now be considered identity theft were charged under “false personation” statutes, which go back to the late 19th century (Identity Theft and Financial Fraud, 2010), creating a big risk of corrupted people. “It wasn’t until Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998 that identity theft was officially listed as a federal crime (Identity Theft and Financial Fraud, 2010).  The law may vary depending of the crime according to the Penal Code Section 530.5 i this can be determine on four levels of crime charges.  For instance: 1. being able to obtain by using other information, 2. Using someone’s information without the victim’s consent, 3.  Selling and using transferable information from one person to another, 4) Selling and using transferable information from one person to another, without the victim’s consent.

In conclusion, cybercrime happens on daily basis.  Overall good or bad the decision it’s up to the person itself.  Life is not easy when dealing with people that are unethical, eventually can lead to deadly consequences. Making a difference in your community starts with the person itself. Being able to follow the law by understanding the consequences of every action taken can determine every individual’s path.  Integrity is who you are obtaining the proper training skills would lead to overcome every obstacle for a better opportunity and creating who you are not only as an human being, but part of a community.  Either a person commits any other crime either is getting someone information or breaking a car, the person it is still committing a crime the only difference is the crime charge, but overall it is still a crime.

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