Creativity Explored is an Organization that Gives an Opportunity to Reveal One’s Talents in Art

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Updated: Aug 15, 2023
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Imagine living in a world where one does not have the power to communicate, or where one feels their expressions are trapped inside their mind. Although this might seem unrealistic, for many people, this is the world they live in. A world where these people feel they have so much to offer but do not know how to show it to the world. A world where they want to express themselves in an occupation but may have difficulties finding a significant job.

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Several organizations have devised opportunities in the arts for adults with developmental and severe disabilities, opening a new world for them.

Creativity Explored, founded in 1983 by Florence Ludins-Katz and her husband Elias Katz, presents creative space and art education to adults with developmental disabilities. They offer artists the chance to earn income from the sale of their own artwork. Their main focus is to support those with developmental disabilities who desire to become independent artists in creating and operating viable businesses. The founders believe this is a place that seeks to offer a space for creative expression and has the potential to enhance personal identity and growth.

Furthermore, it is illustrated that artists at Creativity Explored communicate through their art just like any typical artist. As they express their thoughts and emotions, they also engage and are encouraged by their supportive community. By encouraging this art practice, these individual artists obtain many benefits, such as an enhancement in their sense of self, potential growth, and a deeper integration into the world. In this non-profit organization, the art helps establish new points of view for the personal vision and artistic ability of artists with developmental disabilities.

In addition, Creativity Explored is open five days a week and it welcomes any adult with a developmental disability. There is no need for previous experience or knowledge in art; rather there should be an interest in becoming involved with the artistic process. This project addresses the issue in a public way, since it is very diverse and open to any adult in the Bay Area of California with a developmental disability and an interest in art. Many of the artists in this project have disabilities such as mental illnesses, emotional disturbances, and physical disabilities. Artists seeking to join this project come from a variety of backgrounds.

Moreover, not only is it significant publicly, but it also has global significance. Creativity Explored artists have not only participated in many group exhibitions in the Bay Area of California, but they have also had solo gallery shows in New Zealand and Australia. Many artists’ work has been included in international group exhibitions in commercial and non-profit venues all across the nation. Most recently, nine artists were exhibited in UC Berkeley Art Museum’s travelling group exhibition. Therefore, it is globally significant, as it is evident that this organization provides immense opportunities, enchanting people from all over the world with the art works created by individuals with disabilities.

Lastly, this project has already encouraged many people to find their own artistic voice and to pursue a career in the visual arts. I believe that, as individuals, we all have the right to explore our capabilities and to express our unique identities. Nowadays, older people use retirement as a time for personal visions. Sadly, this retirement opportunity is almost always denied to elders with developmental disabilities. For these older people, this organization is very pleasurable, as it is so positive and supportive. However, there are additional benefits achieved through art making. Gains are experienced in communication, cognitive stimulation/manual skills, self-esteem, sense of autonomy, and social interaction. Overall, this organization brings nothing but positivity and benefits to the artistic world for elders.

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