Common Sense (PDF Edition) by Thomas Paine

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“Common Sense (PDF edition) by Thomas Paine is a short and brief pamphlet on arguing about American Independence. It was published in 1776 as we all know the year of America’s Independence. There were many events that led to the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. Some to note would be the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, the Tea Act, and Townshend Acts. The British were taxing without representation, and it led to some nasty stuff like the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Massacre occurred March 5th, 1770, and was mostly the killings of five innocent colonists by British soldiers. There were about fifty colonists around the British soldiers, and the colonists were angry and protesting, which led to accidentally shooting five people. A bunch of soldiers went on trial with John Adams as their lawyer.

The Boston Massacre ended up being engraved by Paul Revere making it look like the Commander was commanding the British soldiers to shoot at the colonists. Certain groups used this tragedy to show the evils of British rule. These events eventually led to the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party occurred December 16th, 1773. It was one of the many key events that led to the war. The Boston Tea Party was a bunch of colonists so fed up with the British, they disguised themselves as Indians and threw about 300 plus boxes of tea overboard their ships. Tea, being the favorite drink among the British, and also a great source of income for them, led to taxes being raised just on tea, called the Tea Act which occurred in earlier 1773 which is why the tea party occurred. The colonists weren’t being represented in British Parliament and had no say on taxes, so they decided to simply throw all the tea overboard as an act of rebellion. After the events of the Boston Tea Party, led to the Intolerable Acts, which were a series of laws in response to the Boston Tea Party, then to the American Revolution. The colonists were so fed up with British rule they felt like they had zero freedom. I believe Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense for the people, to show that the colonies could go on without British Monarchy.

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Common Sense was written for the American Colonists. His whole reasoning was to tell them that monarchy “came from sin.” Paine says that if the people were to make the laws themselves they’d be far happier than laws from a monarch. Paine states his dislike with the British government and kings in general. He says the world was meant to be without Kings, but the Jews decided they wanted a King, and God didn’t like that but still allowed it. He supports his statement with biblical proof on God’s wrath on the idea of them wanting a King. And basically, that leads to his belief that the British Monarchy, or monarchy in general, comes from sin. Others have argued that America has done amazingly under British rule. Yet, what Thomas Paine believed, and what his agenda was, was that America had developed so much that they no longer needed the British to support them anymore.

The colonists were already in revolt with every single Act and Tax the British decided to put onto them, yet some of them were still loyal to the throne. The major points Thomas Paine makes are Independence from England and the creation of a democratic government. The separation from England was crucial to the people. Yet what the British were doing to do them was messed up. They were conquering all this land, and yet they had no idea how to keep it. They thought it would be an amazing idea if they just taxed way more than needed, and the people hated that. They revolted and it was the right thing to do for them at the time, especially if they wanted freedom. Thomas Paine said that he did not want a monarchy, so his way of not having a monarchy was to form this Democratic government, or Democracy, which means that basically, the people have the right to vote for whatever they want. Democracy was for the people, which the colonists were up for.

I believe what Thomas Paine is saying is very effective. I mean not only were his words inspiring to the people but was literally at the end of an American Revolution which led to Independence of America and freedom. Common Sense was hugely popular among the people. He used metaphors and talked about the literal size difference of both Great Britain and America. States how could this island rule this huge land. He makes a mockery of how England is the “mother country” of America, in fact, he basically says that Europe is America’s mother country, not England. And if I remember correctly the pamphlet was published anonymously meaning no one had no idea who was writing these words. Thomas Paine didn’t make it known that he was writing this that he and yet people around the 13 colonies we’re still inspired by these words. So yes when we ask if his arguments in his writing were effective I believe it was.

Common Sense was of the people for the people, and it had a part in what we now call the United States of America. Paine made great points on how the colonists could live without British rule. It seemed that Paine was the only one who noticed that they were evolving, that they were already separating from England yet a lot of people thought they were striving off of them. Thomas Paine did his part in the American Revolution which led to freedom and America’s Independence.”

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