Clarification Regarding Plagiarism Accusation in Pharmacology Graduate School

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Updated: Mar 31, 2023
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I am Hejiazi Ding, writing to provide some clarification concerning the recent email I received about putting my application on hold. I am so sorry to hear that there is a potential for my application to be categorized as plagiarism, and thank you very much for pointing out that the last paragraph was similar to an existing essay.

It was my first time applying for graduate schools, and I worked very hard for several months on my personal essay. A few months ago, I was interested in two programs, which are Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

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I prepared essays for both programs at that time and got some feedback from the writing center at our University. The writing center suggested that my last paragraph was not well written and gave me a suggested example as a reference, which I recorded in my version of the application for Pharmacology.

Later after getting a good grade on PCAT and further consideration from various aspects, I decided to apply for Pharmacy. However, at the last minute, I accidentally submitted an earlier version for Pharmacology. That is why the name of the program is “Pharmacology” instead of “Pharmacy” in the last paragraph of my application. I was totally shocked after receiving your email because it wasn’t the one I intended to submit. I am sincerely sorry for the careless mistake.

I have no intention of copying any online examples to my essay, as I believe that I have the capability to write my own essays very well. I have studied in the USA for several years and have written many reports, essays, and articles, and not a single time was I suspected to be plagiarizing others’ work. I would never risk my future by plagiarism on this very piece of an essay that would determine my future. It was a pure unfortunate mistake of me uploading the wrong file.

I have been working extremely hard to prepare myself for a PharmD since years ago. It would be very unfortunate to me if my essay were categorized as plagiarism. I cannot imagine the catastrophe associated with such a false decision, as the months of my hard work to prepare the application would be totally forfeited, my future career to be a pharmacist would be totally ruined, and my dream to help other people would be severely hindered.

I hope the Review Committee will take my explanation into consideration and give me another chance to resubmit my material to avoid such suspicion. I have attached my current essay for your reference. Your decision matters a lot for my future. I am deeply sorry for the unfortunate upload mistake I made, and I would really appreciate your time and efforts to clarify this case. If you have any questions during the investigation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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