Causes of the Scientific Revolution

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Causes of the Scientific Revolution

This essay will examine the factors that led to the Scientific Revolution. It will discuss the intellectual, cultural, and technological developments that contributed to this transformative period, highlighting key figures and discoveries that fueled the advancement of scientific thought. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Christianity.

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The Scientific Revolution was caused by the Renaissance era. The Renaissance sparked a lot of curiosity within many including the minds of deep thinkers and scientists. The Protestant Reformation period (occurred during Renaissance) made much of Europe Catholic and Christian, but also against the ideas of modern science. Also, new inventions during the Renaissance helped spread ideas of science and encouraged the conflict between science and the Catholic Church. Each of these factors individually contributes to the conflict of the Scientific Revolution.

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Renaissance sparked a lot of curiosity within many, including the minds of deep thinkers. At the beginning of the Renaissance, these thinkers put their energy into creating beautiful works of art. Through this art, they became more involved with science, math, and physics. “Art came to be seen as a branch of knowledge, valuable in its own right and capable of providing man with images of God and his creations as well as with insights into man’s position in the universe. In the hands of men such as Leonardo da Vinci it was even a science, a means for exploring nature and a record of discoveries” (Renaissance). One of these people who used their art to explore the natural world around them was Leonardo da Vinci. Although mainly known for his art, Da Vinci used his talents to further study and record different phenomenons in anatomy, zoology, geology, aerodynamics (Scientist). This shows that the art was a gateway for modern science and without it, the Scientific Revolution might not have happened.

The Reformation turned the majority of Europe to variations of Christianity, mainly Catholicism. The Protestant Reformation, 1517 – 1648 (The Reformation), “Having far-reaching political, economic, and social effects…” (Reformation). New inventions during the Renaissance helped spread ideas of modern science. One example of this was the printing press, invented in the 1400s. It was developed to print books and newspapers with more efficiency (Palmero). “…aided by the invention of printing, which allowed literacy and the availability of Classical texts to grow explosively” (Renaissance).

Overall, the Renaissance caused the Scientific Revolution. The Renaissance gave people the inspiration they needed to question the way the universe worked, the Reformation caused the conflict by shaming those who believed more in modern science than God, and new inventions from the Renaissance helped spread the ideas of science. Each of these came from the Renaissance era, . Even things as simple as new inventions and changing times can cause major changes in ideas such as science.”

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