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Car Essays

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Tesla Inc. Vs General Motor Co

Words: 2980 Pages: 10 6026

Executive Summary This report analyzes Tesla Inc. and General Motors Co. internal and external factors. In addition, this report analyzes the two company’s management styles and strategies; as well as, their comparative statistics. Tesla Inc. and General Motors Co. Internal and External Factors Tesla internal factors includes their strengths and weaknesses. Tesla strengths are their […]

Topics: Car, Competition, Economy, Electric Cars, General Motors, Supply Chain Management, Swot Analysis, Transport

Raised Age Limits for Driving

Words: 1523 Pages: 5 3630

Introduction A national shift to delay teenagers from driving limit at sixteen to seventeen needs to be undertaken to reduce the greater statistical odds of crashes drivers face. The collaborative efforts of Sakai et al finds teenagers are physiologically incapable of being sensible drivers (2012). The brain of a sixteen year, according to the National […]

Topics: Adolescence, Car, Driving, Driving Age, Insurance, Risk

William “Billy” Durant – General Motors

Words: 1562 Pages: 5 4007

At the turn of the 20th century there were fewer than 8,000 automobiles in America, many of them powered by steam or electricity, others had gasoline engines. An unexpected turnout at the first New York Auto Show in 1900, showed the magnitude of the public’s fascination with the automobile. Over the next few years, hundreds […]

Topics: Car, Cars, General Motors, Transport

Are Self-driving Cars Good for the People the Environment and the Future?

Words: 416 Pages: 1 4654

Cars have changed history and transportation. But, will self-driving cars change the future also? Self-driving cars may have more of a chance to get lost, however, they can the most updated maps in the downloads. Technology can bring big changes into someone’s everyday life. Now, the driverless car is also set to bring big changes. […]

Topics: Car, Self Driving Cars, Tax

Autonomous Vehicles, or Cars with Automatic Control

Words: 1450 Pages: 5 3589

Many new technoloMany new technologies have emerged in the 21st century that have only been seen before in science fiction movies. Who knew a time would come when technology would be so far advanced that cars would be driving around by themselves. I want to look today on how this might impact society. Autonomous vehicles, […]

Topics: Car, Impact of Technology, Transport, Vehicles
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General Motors by William Durant : History

Words: 1398 Pages: 5 4545

History: In New Jersey, in 1908, the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, General Motors, was founded by William Durant. General Motors was created to “consolidate several motorcar companies such as: Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Oakland (later Pontiac), Ewing, Marquette, and other autos” (General Motors). During 1910, William Durant lost control of the company due to debt, gained […]

Topics: Car, Cars, General Motors, Transport

Main Changes during the Industrial Revolution

Words: 425 Pages: 1 3930

During the Industrial Revolution, many lives were changed by innovations. There were some innovations that needed to be updated, but there were also some ideas that needed to come to life. Some of the most important innovations were the telephone, the incandescent lightbulb and the car. In 1846, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. The […]

Topics: Car, Industrial Revolution, Thomas Edison

Self-driving Cars are Safer, Better and won’t Get Tired

Words: 2407 Pages: 8 5413

As the thirst for new technology thrives, the market for the tech doubles in volume each year. A larger market needs a larger supply and the tech giants are delivering, on their promise. The arguably most socially disturbing tech company is Tesla, Inc. formerly Tesla Motors. Founded in 2003, and by 2008 they released their […]

Topics: Car, Self Driving Cars, Transport

License Restrictions for Elderly Drivers

Words: 909 Pages: 3 3378

Every year, there are many accidents involving motor vehicles. With different age groups, there are different factors involved with the cause of the accident. In the age group of 65 years old and older, diminishing reaction times, medical issues, and changes in vision are some of the major causes. Moon stated it best when she […]

Topics: Car, Driving, Driving Age, Health, Safety, Transport, Vehicles

Managing Air Pollution with Urban Transportation

Words: 2669 Pages: 9 3550

Abstract: The recent economic expansion along with the population growth experienced in developing countries has had a big impact on the development of large cities like Delhi, India. Accompanied by Delhi’s rapid spatial growth over the last 25 years, urban sprawl has been contributing to increased travel. The vehicle fleet projected at current growth rates […]

Topics: Air Pollution, Car, Economic Growth, Pollution, Public Transport, Transport

Millennials don’t Even Want Driver’s Licenses

Words: 515 Pages: 2 3945

In the past a driver’s license was seen as a “rite of passage” to teenagers, the excitement of getting a new car and the thought of being able to go wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted. That’s not the case anymore. Millennials today are now less likely to get or even strive for their own […]

Topics: Adolescence, Car, Driving Age, Human Development, Human Nature, Millennials

Greenhouse Effect & Types of Pollution

Words: 2392 Pages: 8 4305

Transportation, industrial, phonic, water and air are all types of pollution coming from personal cars, cruise ships and smokestacks, decreasing the clean air to breathe, homes for animals, food production, and great changes to the poles. Global warming is severely affecting our planet, and it continues to grow out of control. Global warming is the […]

Topics: Agriculture, Car, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment, Water

A Statement of Academic Interests

Words: 1241 Pages: 4 4145

Statement of purpose “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”. with an eye on the future in our rapidly paced world, which is consistently proliferating in terms of productivity, Human safety is becoming increasingly challenging, especially in the automotive industry which has resulted in a rising trend […]

Topics: Academic Interests, Car, Goal, Mechanical engineering, Research

General Motors Company by William C. Durant

Words: 1349 Pages: 4 3946

General Motors Company (General Motors in abbreviation) was established in 1908 in Michigan by William C. Durant. Initially, it was no more than a holding company but it gradually became an automobile manufacturer after finishing several merging with other automobile brands. General Motors was listed as the largest automobile company in the world for more […]

Topics: Car, Competition, Economy, General Motors, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management

Global Warming – Rising Temperature of the Atmosphere and Ocean

Words: 921 Pages: 3 4497

Throughout earth’s history, climate has fluctuated (for example ice age). However, if you take into account how many organisms have evolved, and how each one depends on their habitats to survive, fluctuations will be more harmful now, especially to humanity. The main cause of global warming is thought to be the result of human actions, […]

Topics: Car, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment

General Motors is an Automobiles Company

Words: 1310 Pages: 4 3962

General Motors is an automobiles company that has been in operation since 1930’s. It was founded in Detroit, Michigan and has done business with about a hundred and forty countries. In America, General Motor has an uphill and downhill history of sales. Five years ago General Motors was doing really well and their highest sales […]

Topics: Car, Cars, General Motors, Transport

My First Car

Words: 505 Pages: 2 3922

The first car is something very personal, intimate, almost like a first love. And for someone, probably, these concepts completely coincide. For somebody like me, whose everyday routine has been experienced inside the binding furthest reaches of lower working class pay, where the whole family made a case for a bike, as its lone arrangement […]

Topics: Car, Emotion, Personal

Failure is not an Attribute of “Losers”, it is a Step in Life Course

Words: 1459 Pages: 5 3717

“Failure is not a state, not a status, not an attribute proper to some, “”losers””, it is a possible step in any life course, and in an entrepreneur’s life failure is naturally linked to risk taking. Not all entrepreneurs have the same relationship to their company, however all have a relationship to success and failure. Losing […]

Topics: Apple Inc, Car, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Failure, Steve Jobs

Self Driving Cars – Waymo

Words: 923 Pages: 3 6344

A self-driving car can be defined as “”a vehicle that can guide itself without human conduction”” (Techopedia, n.d.). Various companies are building these companies, with Waymo at the forefront of the industry. Waymo is a company owned by Alphabet Inc., located in Phoenix, Arizona. They started as Google’s self-driving car project, then became an independent […]

Topics: Car, Self Driving Cars

The Apple Company and Planned Obsolescence

Words: 2579 Pages: 9 3951

Failure is not a state, not a status, not an attribute proper to some, “losers”, it is a possible step in any life course, and in an entrepreneur’s life failure is naturally linked to risk taking.  Not all entrepreneurs have the same relationship to their company, however all have a relationship to success and failure. […]

Topics: Apple Inc, Car, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Steve Jobs

Industrual Revolution and the American Dream

Words: 1466 Pages: 5 1897

Ford has gone through many phases since June 16, 1903. Henry Ford began the corporation that is now known for the assembly line, the industrial revolution and the American dream, with 11 business associates and $28,000 in start-up capital. Ford Motor Company continued along with little to no leadership problems until the death of its […]

Topics: Car, Economy, Transport

Top 5 Electric Cars of 2018

Words: 584 Pages: 2 4347

Electric vehicles are one of the latest innovations in the automotive industry. They help in conserving energy resources like oil and natural gas and have a minimal or zero hazardous effect on the environment. One of the most significant benefits of running an electric car on the road is its zero emission of CO2 gas. […]

Topics: Car, Cars, Electric Cars, Transport

Public Transportation is the Way to Go

Words: 1464 Pages: 5 5668

Cities can promote public transportation in many ways. However, many cities fail to do so. They make the postulation that people will utilize public transportation only if they optate to, and it does not require to be promoted. This is far from the truth. Many people may not ken about transportation options in their city, […]

Topics: Air Pollution, Car, Economy, Pollution, Public Transport, Transport

Car Production during World War 1

Words: 1580 Pages: 5 1702

This paper is based on two Primary Sources from Chapter 19, “Of Masses and Visions of the Modern, 1910 – 1939”. The first is “Bruce Barton’s Gospel of Mass Production” and the second is “Cult of the Dynamic Leader”. Both of these sources provide information that relates to the period of time covered in this […]

Topics: Car, Communism

How Electric Cars Affect our Future

Words: 357 Pages: 1 5718

Just as there is a present, there is a future and our technology evolves yearly more efficiently. Some have more effects than others, mainly the most important ones such as transportation. Men have always looked for ways to travel more efficiently, even after making vehicles that run on gas; efficiency could also help our environment, […]

Topics: Car, Electric Cars, Energy

Importance of Public Transport

Words: 537 Pages: 2 5094

Transport (from Lat. Transporto – I move) is a national economic complex that transports people and goods. According to the object of transportation, there are passenger and freight transport. Passenger transport is part of a unified transport system. Modern passenger transport provides transportation of people, their hand luggage and baggage in various types of communication. […]

Topics: Car, Economy, Public Transport, Transport

A Competitive Analysis of the Big Three Automobile in the USA

Words: 698 Pages: 2 3941

A competitive advantage allows a firm to have been more efficient in selling their products and in cutting cost to increase profitability. Companies around the world develop a competitive analysis to determine their competitors and how to conquer the market system and be a leader in it. The three significant automobiles in the US were […]

Topics: Car, Competitive Advantage, Economy

Tesla Motors Financial Analysis

Words: 2662 Pages: 9 1115

Tesla is an automobile and energy company that was founded in 2003. Currently specializes in electric cars, energy storage and through their SolarCity subsidiary (acquired in 2016), residential solar panels. Tesla’s first vehicle was the Roadster (electric sports car), followed by the Model S (Luxury Sedan), and Model X (Luxury SUV) and late 2017 Model […]

Topics: Car, Electric Cars, Tesla Motors

History of Electric Cars

Words: 1123 Pages: 4 5201

Have you ever wondered the electric car history? Around the 1850s, Scottish inventor, Robert Anderson made the first practical electric car. In 1890, U.S. inventor William Morrison had created his first electric vehicle. In 1859, French physicist Gaston made rechargeable battery’s. In 1893, a handful of electric cars were shown in Chicago. Robert Anderson is […]

Topics: Car, Electric Cars, Energy, Transport

Tips on how to Get Driving License and Become a Good Driver

Words: 1035 Pages: 3 3656

 Driving is the coordinated operation of mind and body for the movement of a vehicle, such as a car, truck, or bus. Driving, being considered as an everyday activity for most people still has an issue of driver safety. Over the 20 years from 1980 to 2000, the number of licensed drivers in the U.S. […]

Topics: Car, Distracted Driving, Driving, Safety, Vehicles
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