Beauty and the Beast

Famously known for its features of movies and animation, the beauty and the beast is a fairly classic tale that audience enjoy watching and reading in it novel version. Even though many people think of the beast’s home when an idea of beauty and beast rings in their mind, the movie covers more elements than most of its audience think about. The aspect of the movie covering a wider scope than the expectations of the audience is brought about by the fact that the story covered in the film takes place in different settings.

Irrespective of the movie has different settings ” the mother setting of the movie is based in France and then goes to the countryside. Important to mention is that the film bears different version dating back to mid-1700. The most accepted version of the Beauty and the best exposes the audience to Belle the main character in a small province in French town.

At the small French province, Belle lives an impoverished life with her dad in a small town, but on some occasions, she is seen in the city square. In addition to the story showing a town setting, much of the contemporary story is set in a less illuminated dreary castle. The villa is located high above the town and deep in a forest. It is in the castle that most of the events of the story unveil (Rudnick, Elizabeth, Evan Stephen & Bill, p. 19).

Considering the facts presented in the above paragraph, it can be argued that the beauty and the beast comprise of two major settings. The first setting is the provincial town where Belle lives with her family friends and the place where ghastly Gaston stays. The second setting is in the castle where the beast stays. Since many events of the story take place in the castle, it is point clear that the castle is the main setting.

The plot of the story reveals the life of a young Prince Adam who was cursed by old women for both of his arrogant traits and not showing love. Before the curse was spelled to the Prince, he was spending his time together with the individual’s servants in a castle (Rudnick et al., p.100). The old beggar woman came to the castle begging for shelter, but the prince turned her away. From his arrogant behavior, the prince and his clue are turned into revolting Beast until the prince learns how to love and be loved back. The only way that the prince could break the curse was through learning how to love and be loved back before the last petal of the rose awarded to him by the woman beggar.

Ten years after the curse had been cast on the priest, Maurice an investor from a neighboring village loses his way in the woods and makes up his mind to seek shelter from the beasts castle. To his amazement, the beast imprisons him for trespassing. It is at this juncture that the audience is introduced to Belle, the daughter of Maurice. Belle is a bookworm girl who is determined to lead her life beyond her regional rural community. Belle discovers her father ensnared by the beast and offers her life to stay at the castle in exchange for her fathers freedom.

The beast (Prince) accepts the offer with a promise that Belle will remain in the castle for the rest of her life. At first, Belle views the beast as nothing more than a monster and difficult and stubborn to cope with. As the story continues to flow, Belle and the Beast start tasting the bitter-sweetness of finding out that one can after learning the wrongs one had committed (Rudnick et al., p. 119).

With the assistance of the priest’s charmed slaves such as Mrs. Potts, Belle draws the arrogant beast out of his segregation. Narrated in the third person omniscient the story falls under the genre of romance, legend, mythology, and quest. Making use of the point of view identified the narrator can develop the major characters of the story as stipulated below.

The major character, Belle, forms the center of the story. Through her actions of accepting to free her father, Belle comes out a courageous, loving woman.

The second character in the movie Cogswort is one gay clock who happens to be in love with a lady by name Lumiere. Together with his lover, the two characters can be described as secretive since they kept their relationship in secret out of fear of the Beast.

The third character who shapes the events of the story is Gaston. The primary role of the character is an expression of the theme of gender and sexuality. Making use of the mentioned outlined characters the story covered in the movie reveals various love, sacrifice and exile.

The theme of love and how strong love does is identified in the fact that Belle through her courageous was able to change the Beast in prince. Sacrifice is also portrayed in Belles selfless trait of saving her father from his captivity.

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