An Overview of Cathedrals

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Updated: Jun 28, 2022
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Cathedrals were not just built for fun. They had been built for special reasons. That is what makes the cathedral so important. I will discuss some of these things. Cathedrals are big churches. They are also perish churches. That means it is the local church. The church is so big because it is for the bishop. The bishop is like the owner of the cathedral and runs it. The church can be an administrative center. That is called the dioceses. The church is also helpful to visitors.

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It is a spiritual center for visitors and pilgrims. The relics and other souvenirs are more valuable when the cathedral is more valuable. Some people pay fortunes for them. The cathedral is like a magnet and attracts traders from the whole world. It is a congress also. People are happy to build a better cathedral then other towns. The town has local pride by building the cathedral. God will reward their most noble work. The cathedral is a kind of microcosm. It combines in itself all the elements of the great world and universe. It shows the balance of how god made it. It is just a big model. The cathedral had a chapter house. There they have meetings and make sure about community involvement.

The chapter house is an educational center for priests and nuns that are training. Others just learn to read and write. If they are good, they can go to big universities. The hostel is to stay overnight for bed and breakfast. If people are in a tough time and want help, they can get it. The cathedral helps people in poverty. The cathedral protects runaways such as people from the manor. They get shelter and food. Sometimes they get money if they are in need. They get to stay for thirty days until they regroup themselves. They get time to find another job. They get to find witnesses if they are criminals. Connected to the hostel is a hospital. There if someone is hurt they get cared for. The church is a school and the cathedral itself was a textbook. By reading, the text and looking at the pictures on the wall you can learn to read or be an art sculpture. The cathedral keeps legal documents and records. Some are about marriage, death, deeds, and health. It also is a burial place for kings and other famous people. This was a time of a lot of faith. It was a very religious time everywhere. In the cathedral, you could feel the presence of god as you worship. 

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