Amelia Earhart – American Aviation Pilot and Part-time Author

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Updated: Dec 30, 2019
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Amelia Earhart – American Aviation Pilot and Part-time Author essay

She had an interesting childhood and became an international celebrity by completing several flights. Amelia was determined and set to do most anything until her devastating death on July second. A huge search was sent for her but was recalled. Amelia will never be forgotten, because of the spectacular things she accomplished. This was an outstanding woman who did many things that no one else could.

Amelia was an aviation pilot and part-time author. Some of her books included The Fun of it, in which she wrote about her life and interest in flying (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Amelia and her sister Muriel traveled a large amount of times because her father worked as a Railroad Lawyer (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Amelia and her sister went to different schools, Amelia attended a private school (Ogontz School near Philadelphia) and would often visit her sister and her mom (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Amelia never visited her father because he was an alcoholic (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Amelia’s mother came from an affluent, or wealthy family, so they had money (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Amelia loved to travel and see her sister, on one of her visit to her sister, an interest in caring for wounded soldiers in WW1 came up (“”Amelia Earhart 2018, “”Biography of Amelia Earhart). After the war Amelia became a nurses aid in Toronto (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). After her job of being a nurses aid, Amelia went on her first flight in California, after this experience she insisted on taking flying lessons (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Amelia received her first plane (Kinner Airster), which is an American two-seater, single-engined biplane designed by Bert Kinner (1921) (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Two years later Amelia got her license. Amelia was chosen for many flights, one of them happened to be a flight across the Atlantic (1928), (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). As Earhart came to an end of her flight across the Atlantic, she became an international celebrity (June 18) (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Earhart wrote about this flight (The Fun of it), and she found the love of her life George Palmer who helped plan and organize the historic flight across the Atlantic. They married in 1931, but Amelia continued her career under her maiden name (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). In the same year Amelia broke a record for the highest altitude(18,415ft, 5,613m) in an autogiro, witch is a small plane (18,415ft), (5,613m), (“”Amelia Earhart 2018).

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Rising to success took a fair amount of time and patience. Including waiting and training for flying lessons. Amelia had to wait a long time to buy her first plane and to fly her first flight. And in doing so Amelia got lots of thrills and excitements in her life. Amelia participated in lots of historic flights including being the first person to fly from Hawaii to the American mainland and being the first person to fly solo across the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean (“”Biography of Amelia Earhart 2018). She earned plenty awards including the Distinguished flying cross from Congress, the Cross of Knight of Legion of Honor from the French Government, and the Gold Medal of the National Geographic Society from President Herbert Hoover. She completed many flights including a flight from Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, to Londonderry, Northern Ireland (“”Amelia Earhart”” 2018). Amelia did many things that astonished millions of people, she helped make an organization of female pilots that became known as The Ninety Nines. Following her organization Amelia came out with a clothes line (1993) (“”Amelia Earhart 2018).

Amelia had one goal in mind all throughout her life. Circumnavigating the globe had been in mind from Purdue University (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Amelia had waited so long to complete her dream and In June (1937) was when she would try to accomplish that. This would be a record breaking around-the-world flight at the equator. Joining her would be Fred Noonan, he would participate as Amelia’s navigator. They chose a Twin engine plane or (Lockheed Electra). After completing nearly two thirds of her historic flight she flew over 22,000 miles (“”Biography of Amelia Earhart 2018), (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). Late into their trip Earhart radioed that the plane was running out of fuel (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). About an hour after previous events Amelia announced “”We are running North and South, these few words were the last ones we heard from Amelia Earhart (“”Amelia Earhart 2018). An extensive search was called for Noonan and Earhart, but was soon called of after tremendous hours of searching. (“”Amelia Earhart). The plane was said to have gone down 100 miles from Howland island. July second, was the day a hero vanished.

Amelia Earhart had done some astonishing things in the past, including being the first person to fly across the Atlantic in 20 hours and 40 mins. Even though she was a female Amelia brought a whole new perspective that women can do astonishing things. She inspired millions and we will forever be grateful for her, and the things she accomplished, and even though she is not a part of our history Amelia Earhart will always be a Huge part of history.

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