Adoption in the United States

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Adoption in the United States is not uncommon at all. But if you are looking to adopt, why limit your options to the U.S. When there’s a whole world of children out there in desperate need of caretakers. If you choose to adopt you should adopt internationally. You should adopt internationally because you help a child by taking them away from a pace with possible minimal healthcare, you will get the child faster because in the U.S. there’s always difficulty with birth parents and adoption agencies, also you can save a life by removing a child from a life of poverty, abuse, and neglect.

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Places you might adopt from may not even have health records for a kid so that shows they might not have good hospitals at all. You can take them and get them checked for anything and they will be exposed to a way more advanced medical country. From no doctors to excellent ones might ultimately save a life. “And you may be given little or no medical information regarding the child’s birth parents.

The mother may have not had prenatal health care, and if the child was in an orphanage, he or she might experience developmental delays.” ( contributors) These foreign or third world countries you might adopt from are way behind in medical technology so helping children little by little makes a difference. The health of the children is really the future of our world.

An advantage to adopting internationally is preventing difficulty from birth parents or adoption agencies because you’ll have to deal with both. Birth parents might keep changing their minds or not know what they wanna do, agencies might delay it from qualification issues. Either way in the U.S. you can be delayed from receiving the child for a long time, while in foreign countries parents know it’s for the best or parents may not be known so the orphanages will cooperate.

“In fact most parents chose international adoption after being repeatedly stymied by U.S. adoption protocols from birth parents changing their minds last minute, to difficulty with adoption agencies.” (Jeneen Interlandi) These are challenges adoption parents may not want to deal with so they choose international adoption.

A third and final reason you should choose international adoption is the chance of saving a child’s life. “Unlike with domestic adoption, you are truly saving a child from a life of hardship and poverty.”(Danny Miller) With the lack of medical technology in third world countries you are saving a child from disease and starvation. It is better to save a life and take an innocent child out of an unsafe and unhealthy environment than to adopt a child who was already born with the benefit of living free as a U.S citizen. So why wouldn’t you save a life at the same time you adopt the child you are going to raise? That will make you feel better at heart at the end of the day.

The other way around the argument would be you should adopt within your own country. This is because there are so many U.S. children to adopt so why bring in a foreign child, a U.S. child could possibly see and meet and build a relationship with their birth parents. This is all wrong, yes there are children to adopt in the U.S. but they are already in better care and conditions than a starving neglected foreign child they are in more need of help. After a U.S. orphan turns 18 they can go out on their own and be surrounded by opportunities. A child in a third world country will just be stuck in the same setting their whole life so why not expose them to a better life? Also the birth parents are often what makes the adoption process more difficult especially when the mother isn’t ready to let go.

International adoption will save more lives and put children in a better state physically and mentally. So you should adopt internationally to help kids health, so you don’t have birth parent issues, and prevent a kid from living a life of abuse and neglect. It isn’t right, why leave kids to suffer knowing you have the opportunity to save them. Not only will it help them but it will help you develop into a better person. So if you chose to adopt do it internationally you’ll be a hero.

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