Even Though Adoption

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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All around the world there are families who want to open their home to a child in need. Some of these children have been mistreated and abused. Others were given up by their parents at birth. No matter the circumstances, however, these children deserve a loving family. Standing in the way of the children and their new family is one long processadoption. Even though there are both negative and positive factors involved in adopting, a new and better life for the child makes the whole process worth it.

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Even though adoption can be the most rewarding situation for a family, it is one of the hardest systems to go through. There are over 150 million orphans around the world. (Worldwide Children’s Statistics) Around 400,000 of these children live in the United States alone. (About the Children). It has been estimated by experts that only an estimated 50,000 of the children are adopted every year. (Flange Victor 264). This means that only around 15% of these children are given a new family each year.

Many of these families around the world want to welcome one of these children into their home immediately, however, many steps have to be completed before the process is final. There are mounts of paperwork, interviews, background checks, and costly expenses that are all associated with adoption. Along with these necessary annoying requirements, some state laws tack on even more difficulty before the adoption process can be completed. In states such as Georgia, Illinois, and Tennessee adoptive parents must be a resident in the state for 6 months before they can start the adoption process. (Americanadoptions.com). However, even though there is hard work and many hoops these hopeful parents must jump through, the stress becomes utterly irrelevant when the family is able to hold their child for the first time.

In the end, all of these families have the same goalto adopt a child. However, there are various reasons that initially prompt a family to start the process of adoption. One of the main reasons that a couple will decide to adopt is due to infertility. Katheryn Priceline says, female fertility begins to decline sharply at or around a woman’s 35th birthday, and by 45, it may be more or less impossible for a women to conceive naturally. So, if a woman chooses to marry later or wants to focus on the establishment of her career in her more fertile years, the longer she waits the chances of her having a child as the years pass gradually become slim to none. This is where adoption comes in and gives these want to be mothers a chance to have a child of there own when they are not able to conceive themselves. An additional reason people must adopt is if they are a same sex couple. Since it is physically impossible for a couple of the same gender to have a child, one of their few options is through adoption. Before 2016, states with moral disagreements of this lifestyle were allowed to declare that adoption from a same sex couple was illegal within their borders.

However, in March 2016, gay marriage was officially legal. This now meant that same sex couples had the same legal rights as any couple. Adoption was no longer illegal in any state for couples of any gender fluidity. Finally, the last of the many reasons for adoption is because even though a woman gets pregnant, this does not mean she is ready to raise a child yet. There are millions of accidental pregnancies each year and around 750,000 of these are teenage pregnancies. Out of these 750,000, over 82% of these pregnancies have been reported accidental.(Unintended Pregancy among Young People in the United States). Being so young, many of these girls realize that they are neither financially or emotionally stable to raise a child. They accept that their children will live better, more stable lives in another families’ household. Even though it is a very tough decision, the young mom puts her child’s needs before her emotions and sends the baby off to a loving and caring home through an adoption agency. In all of these circumstances, the child in need will find a loving home no matter the age, race, or gender of their adopting parents.

The process of adoption affects all of the individuals involved. It gives innocent children who were dealt a rough hand a new chance to have a happy family. It also gives families who are not able to conceive on their own a chance to have a child. However, even though there are many positive attributes of adoption, there are are also negative factors too. For example, sometimes health record have not been documented accurately if a child is originally from another country. This keeps adoptive parents in the dark about their child’s medical history, and if they have had past conditions that need treatment. Additionally, children who are not sure of their birth parents may deal with low self esteem and questions that may never be answered.

The good thing is that many of these negative effects are only short term. And even though there are definitely negative factors to adoption, there are also many positives. Various statistics prove that adopted children have advantages over non adopted children. Long term effects of adoption on adoptees states, adopted children were more likely to have health insurance than children who were not adopted. Adopted children were also less likely to live in households below the poverty line’ (LTEOAOAS). Children who are adopted also have advantages such as financial stability, the possibility to travel, and also a secure home where they feel safe. Along with children and adoptive families who benefit from adoption, another person that is positively affected is the birth mother. Important Adoption Statistics to Know says, birth mother has are among some of the strongest bravest and most successful members of society (IASSFTS). Even though it is a hard decision, teenage mothers who to decide to place their babies up or adoption are deeply rewarded for their tough decision.

These women are then able to not only complete school if they are enrolled, but also they have time to pursue a career in the future. Even though adoption has both negatives and positives, the benefit in this situation are undeniable. This process results in positive outcomes for all individuals involved.

Adoption is a process that is used to alter innocent used to alter innocent children’ lives for the better. The adoption process is obviously complicated, however, the overall benefits are obvious to any outsider. For instance, parents who are physically unable to bear a child are not excluded from the joy of having a family with the help of adoption. Innocent children are given a fair chance to be happy through the system. And lastly, young teenagers who are faced with an unexpected pregnancy are freed from parental responsibilities let their child go through and agency. It is for these reasons and many more that adoption has had such an influential impact on so many people’s lives.

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