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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Tupac Shakur is a very inspiring for me and others. His music,movies, and words give not just me but others as well hope that the world may become a better place. Tupac is such a legend and a greatest of all time rapper from all the music he’s worte. He is always keeping it real and is always telling a story in his movies and he wouldn’t sugar coat things if you asked him something. Tupac is also a very respected man for his actions and his words.

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Early life/ career

Tupac Shakur is known for many things. He is known for his movies,music,words, and all the awards he has won. Tupac was born on June 16, 1971 and was born in New York City, NY. Tupac Amaru was the last leader of Peru’s Incan Empire and the name translates to “shining serpent”, Shakur comes from arabic origins and means “thankful” or “appreciative”. Tupac played the role of Travis Young in the play, A risen in the sun, at the apollo theater. He didn’t have a lot of money he was very poor and his mom struggled to make enough money to put food on the table for him and his siblings.

Later life

He did have a girlfriend, Kidada Jones, who is the daughter of Quincy Jones. Tupac has been nominated in the grammy awards seven times, and has won numerous awards before the time of his death. Tupac died september 13, 1996 of four gun wounds caused by a drive-by-shooting, the shooter still remains unknown. He did not have any children nor married at the time of his death. Tupac did return to the stage at the 2012 coachella music festival, via hologram. His hologram and music sales continue to generate a lot of money.


Tupac will always be missed by many,many people. I’m sure his girlfriend wished they could’ve got married and had kids. He is in a better place now and he made sure he left a legacy and he did. Tupac is almost like a hero for me he was always honest and was down for anything. Tupac said “I feel like a tragic hero in a shakespeare play, ya know what i’m saying?”. A life lesson you can learn from him is to leave a legacy. It’s important to make such a strong impact when you meet people so that they truly never will forget who you are, even when your gone.

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