About the Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The English literature was enhanced in December 1775 with the birth of Austen Jane. She is categorized as one of the best authors in the literature Field. No doubt she is my favorite author of all ages. I love reading her books and even enjoy watching movies based on her books. Even though Jane Austen was the author of the eighteenth century, her collection is still feted in our modern literature world. Most of her books are classics even though they were authored centuries ago.

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These novels still remain adorable and widely read by many people. What captivates many of her readers are the variations and techniques of approach she employs. These variations and techniques are what grasps the attention of many. Her choice of humor to write about things that touch our basic life such as; county clergymen, the lives of minor landed gentry and families in innumerable struggling economic conditions always appeals to readers.

Jane was born on 16th December 1775 in England, raised by her parents and never married. Her writing skills emerged from her short piece of writings she scripted to entertain her family. She published her first novel in 1811 titled Sense and Sensibility. She proceeded to publish many more others, such as Pride and Prejudice. Sadly, Jane passed on 18th July 1817. Her burial was held in Winchester Cathedral (Austen-Leigh).

Her unsurpassed subtlety and charm on novel centers on country life. She always appraises and presents the morals, manners, and relations of England’s middle class in these novels. She knows how to depict and steer off what refers as “bits of ivory,” segments in her novels from an overemotional implausibilities fiction popular in the nineteenth century. The subject of her novels concentrated on contemporary life literature (Austen-Leigh). She applied the sentimental fiction conventions in her writings which her family and herself read avidly. It is these conventions that she consistently and rigorously tried to push to logical extremes and as not falsely packaged and bestowed to many in those eras.

Most of her apprentice literary burlesques and parody pieces poked fun at idiosyncratic features as illustrated in the novel of Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. In most instances, she highlighted immoderate loves, instant friendships, high flown language, inexplicable lapses of memory, sudden recognition and even incredible coincidence, for example, “The Beautifull Cassandra” which achieves its witty effect of yorking shortcomings (Austen-Leigh).

The Pride and Prejudice novel has been my favorite of all times. It portrays the social haven of an eighteenth and partly nineteenth century of the British people. It is principally being concerned with rituals that occur in courtship under the English gentry. Jane’s writing in this novel is more than a love story viewed as comedic. However, it is written with ironic style and subtle. The Pride and Prejudice touch philosophical, economic, feminist, political, and sociological themes that brought inspiring ideals of a number of critical commentaries on the significance of life and work. The novel covers the story of an unlikely pair of characters who go through ups and downs before reuniting together in the long run. The combinations of characters, plot, social standings and status of women are what defines this novel. The novel is a home to various themes such as love, class, reputation, marriage and the environment of any child up bring among many. For instance, the theme of love has been illustrated in the courtship of Darcy and Elizabeth. The love of these two characters was put to test by numerous stumbling blocks such as the character’s own qualities and fake love that pierced the love they had for one another. Love theme goes hand in hand with marriage. It notes from the opening chapter under this novel when Jane says, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife” (Austen Chapter 1). From this excerpt, we can conclude that marriage and love were an issue in the entire society and it is assumed that is what led Jane to write this novel.

Economic and class inequality them also was clearly drawn under this novel. Although Bennet came from middle class, they often mingled with upper-class families. Even though they did mingle, they felt lesser and were even treated as inferior by the upper class. Economic inequality also had its share under this novel. Most women were forced to marry partners whom they didn’t desire. They married these men to only acquire financial security. A good example is Lucas and Collin. She sacrificed her life to only be with a rich man who she felt could provide her with her financial needs (Austen Chapter 22). Thus, it’s these various themes Jane puts across through this novel that readers, including me that always attract us to her pieces of literary writings.

The places that she chose to focus under this novel are also captivating the readers to yearn for more of her works. She choice places like Longbourn Estate found in the Southeastern of Hertfordshire in England. In those days, Longbourn Estate meant that male members were the only heirs demonstrating why most females’ reason to get married. Netherfield Park was the other. This place was believed to be hosting bachelors. Lastly, Pemberley, which was considered to be the true home. Even Elizabeth despite recognizing her prejudices and Darcy discerns his own pride felt that Pemberley offered the ultimate place for their triumph of love.

Jane Austen and her novel Pride and Prejudice emerged as the best piece of writing that entertained many of her readers of all ages. Pride and Prejudice’s combinations of characters, plot, social standings and status of women will always rule literature platforms as the best novel ever. It is no doubt that she still remains as my favorite literature author in England. Her apprentice literary burlesques and parody pieces poking fun at idiosyncratic features will always be passed from one generation to another despite her passing on.

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