A Net Zero Energy Building and Renewable Energy in Kerala

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Updated: Jun 26, 2022
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This research helps us to understand how a net zero energy buildings can be achieved in Kerala. With the increase in the fuel amounts and environmental concerns it is necessary to implement such a construction methodology.

Obtaining net zero energy building requires a good design, construction process and operation stages. In this study, only design process will be considered and the study is about requirements and application of net zero energy buildings. The scope of this research is based on hot and humid climate zones exemplified with three case studies, two from hot and humid climatic zone and one from composite climatic zone.

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Moreover, this study considers the relationship between energy efficiency issues and Net Zero Energy Building Requirements.

• Making energy efficient buildings.

• Adaptation of Insulation for energy saving in design

• People independent of conventional energy like fuel, coal etc.

• Reduce the impact of energy crisis

• Change in the design concept

• Balance between demand and supply of energy

• Meeting the sustainability aspect, which is the future of world

It is crucial to have standard descriptions and procedures, To measure net zero energy.The industry can design buildings and measure the effects of their operation, with a unified method.The four definitions represent many ways to get to a building with a net zero energy systems, is given in the proceeding section.These approaches are not only equitable but in some cases even comparable. By National Renewable Energy Laboratory of U.S, the classification system has been categorized into four classes, from A to D and prioritization of the renewable energy application is done in such a way that the higher value is placed on applications of high-priority renewable energy. Some facilities are granted to the buildings which may have troubles achieving it, inorder to reach net zero energy. A building is allowed to attain one or more at a particular classification level (Hootman, 2013), by the usage of National Renewable Energy Laboratory system in combination with the four classified definitions. The significant need to have a building with net zero energy which use energy at a very low level is reflected in this emphasis. Depending on nature of system and place relative to the building, it arranges the renewable energy application. By the classifications, the troubles of combining renewable energy with the net zero energy is generally quantified.

Classification A


A building which generates adequate renewable energy from sources placed within the building footprint to get at least one net zero energy definition and with low energy use. The application is done only for specific buildings, of this classification.

Sample Scenarios

• Photovoltaic systems set on the façade or roof of the building.

• Solar thermal systems set on the façade or roof of the building.

• Wind turbines integrated into, or set to, the building.

Classification B


A building which generates adequate renewable energy from sources placed within the project’s site to get at least one net zero energy definition and with low energy use. According to the definition, the site border includes campus scenarios where the systems of renewable energy are placed on ordinarily owned contiguous property i.e. easements separate ordinarily owned property. This classification may be applied to single or multiple buildings. Sample Scenarios:

• Photovoltaic systems set on the parking areas or ground-set.

• Solar thermal systems ground-set on the site.

• Wind turbines on towers set on the site.

• Biomass collected on-site and employed to on-site energy generation

Classification C


A building with low energy use which firstly makes use of on-site renewable energy as bases within the building footprint, then in order to generate adequate on-site energy to get at least one net zero energy definition it must import sufficient off-site renewable energy. This classification can be applied to single or multiple buildings. Sample Scenarios

• Biomass which is imported on-site and utilized for the generation of electricity.

• Biomass utilized for the generation of thermal energy.

Classification D

Summary: A building with low energy use which firstly makes use of on-site renewable energy from bases in the building outline, then also generates adequate or more on-site energy it uses off-site renewable energy. This type of building or a group of buildings tend to have excess energy produced from site which they can give to the govt.

After doing careful study, assessment and verification of the strategies, they are categorized and analysed. There could also be interactions amongst strategies, which mean that a notion studied in one stage might impact another notion endeavoured under a dissimilar stage. Some strategies makes another strategy irrelevant and ticks them out of the list or make them useless. Firstly, the costless strategies are taken into consideration. They produce natural resources, like daylight, or include strategies that improve the performance of the systems and envelope. Secondly, concentrated on strategies with energy efficiency which decrease energy consumption. Third, study renewable energies that can run the building. Finally, the operation or functioning of the building which is a key to attain net zero energy building.

This is the point where educational outreach and policy turn into a fundamental part of keeping the behaviour of low energy consumption. To meet energy objectives and fine tune plans, the analysis of simple payback and energy modelling must be conducted. In this process the owner, the contractor, the design team, and the user all come together, the analysis outcomes are discussed and the future horizon is determined. It is necessary to mention that strategies must be assessed at an early stage. However, when cost plays a crucial role as a determining factor, to measure market cost more accurately some flexibility is required. This may need to reconsider strategies later in the process. At the final phase of design development, many strategies were admitted for net zero energy buildings, but other strategies which were more reliant on market cost, were revaluated during the phase of construction documentation and even during construction. 

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