A Family is a Group of Related Individuals

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A family is a group of related individuals who share blood relations from a common ancestry and may live under one household.There are various family structures which include the nuclear, extended, single parent and childless families.In this point in case,we will dwell on the most common family structure which is the nuclear family.

The assessed family is of African descent of the Luo tribe in Kenya.It is a nuclear family with a father aged 46, mother 39 and three children , 2 boys aged 19 and 12 respectively and a girl aged 17.The father Mr.Olunga is the head of the family as it is common in all african households who acknowledge the male as the head of the family.The father is the sole provider of the family who works at Delmonte plant factory as a fabricator and machine shop manager.Mrs Olunga the mother, is a teacher at a nearby local district primary school and helps with the day to day provision of the family stipend. Okeyo , Ashley and Kelvin are all students.The family does not have any existing physiological and psychological health complications or any hereditary gene diseases.

The Olunga’s reside in a three- bedroom permanent residence in a gated estate at the Delmote staff quarters, fenced with an adjacent compound that the children can use as a playground.The financial situation of the family is good enough to send the children to private schools and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle.Developmental tasks are tasks which arise as a result of coming of age in different developmental stages on life such as learning how to walk in childhood to marriage in adulthood.This family has achieved the stated tasks case in point is Okeyo and Ashley who are now in their teenage stage.The two help out in the huse and take part in chores even without supervision from their parents as a sign of progressive maturity and responsibility though they at times act out especially Ashley who demands a lot of attention as she is in the peak stages of adolescence.

The Olunga family has been effectively immunized ever since birth against all immunizable diseases since the parents are exposed and know the benefits that come with immunizing babies at a young age as was done to them by their parents .Teenagers all over the world tend to have a lot of self esteem issues as they pass through adolescence and are more susceptible to negative critisicm at this stage.Ashley being 17 and on the height of adolescence, experiences low self esteem evident with how she spends most of her time locked up in her room and lashing out on her siblings at the slightest provocation.Every once in a while the family gathers after dinner and talk about themselves to keep the communication in the family afloat but as expected Ashley is free with her mother and Okeyo with his father and Kelvin both as with most last borns in a family.This interaction enables the parents to bond with their children and are able to help them whenever thay are in trouble and in need of advice,this has helped strengthen their family.

In most african homes, decisions regarding family matters are made by the head of the famly which is often the father with assistance from the mother.This is also the case in the Olunga family.The parents make the decisions with minimal input from the children.An example, is sending the children to boarding school which Okeyo and Ashley study at even with rebellion from the two.There is no evidence of violence in the family between the parents however there is always a bit of sibling rivalry in any family with children including the Olunga’s.Ashley and Okeyo have fights at times but this is sternly dealt with by their parents, case in point, once the two siblings had a fight and ended up receiving canning from their father.The parents also hold regular talks to discourage those kind of behaviours and often tell the children to follow their examples and live peacefully.

In times of crisis,the family holds special meetinngs to come up with solutions on the way foward and the remedies to help fix the crisis they are experiencing.Being a religious and God fearing family , the Olunga’s often pray in times of crisis and also being cultural adherent, they normally seek advice from an elder as it is done among the members of the Luo tribe in Kenya.In some communities in the African societies, cultural activities and religious ties often tend to have a big bearing on one’s way of life especially in a family setting.An example of these include not going to hospitals since one’s religion does not allow scientific methods of healing rather than waiting on God to heal the ill or cultures that condone inhumane practices such as Female Genital Mutilation as a right of passage that normally end up transmitting sexual diseases like AIDS that leads to death if not treated. Olunga’s family does not let culture and religion affect their health or social status.

Goals are future targets that one hopes to achieve after a certain period of time.The Olunga’s objectives in life is to live peacefully in the family and to always help each other in terms of need.They also have a goal to build their own permanent residence in a few years after Mr Olunga’ retires from work.The goals of the children include going to good campuses and eventually finish school,get good jobs and help out their parents financially and support them in all ways possible.There is no visible avidence of role conflict in the family due to the clearly cut communication in the family and between the parents.On emergencies,the family has an insurance pollicy and a health cover under Mr Olunga’s name incase of emergencies such as an accident or health complications that may require immediate intervention.The family also has emergencies savings account that all the family members have access to that will aid them whenever there is trouble and the parents are not around to help them financially incase of disaters or crisis.

A nursing diagnosis is a medical judgement affecting a human response to variables such as health conditions, life processes or vulnerability for that response by an individual or a family or community in general. In the case of the above assessed family,the Olunga’s are emotionally and mentally contented due to the regular family meetings and discussions that help the parents in advicing their children.Ashley on the other hand is likely to suffer from low self esteem issues and depression as a result of adolescence.The parents on the other hand are likely to experience stress and general fatigue due to their work commitments since both of them work overtime and very hard to sustain their comfortable lives and might at times miss out on their children growth process.The children are most likely going to draw further away from their parents as time progresses and closer to each other due to their relatively similar school schedule and different from their parents.

A nursing care plan is a guideline that provides direction on the type of nursing care a subject may require.Its main objective is to help the individual, family or community with long term solutions to help them live a healthy life. For the children in their teenage, Okeyo and Ashley, regular counselling is adviced for them since in this period a child might feel the need to engage in vices such as drug and alcohol abuse and also engage in unprotectes sexual intercourse due t peer pressure and negative influences from older people and susceptability to western life through watching movies and adult content such as pornography.The parents should monitor how he children use their gadgets such as phones and personal computers and regulate the amount of time the children spend on social media and electronic devices such as television sets and PDA’s.The parents should also take the initiative to spend more time with the children in various simple ways such talking walks with them and even playing some mature games that build the sense of responsibility to the children.They should also give the children some chores and tasks to keep the children busy and to enhance the sense of hard work in them.

For the parents, they should consider taking some time of work and maybe go on a trip together in order to relieve themselves from the pressure of life and working so hard.They should also consider making some time to partcicipate in physical exercises like running and doing some aerobics or maybe going tothe gym to release the tension and stress from work and to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle both for them and the children.

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