Why i Want to be a Mental Health Counselor

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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How it works

Ever stop and think about the vast universe inside our heads? It’s a world as complex as the galaxies that twinkle in the night sky. Every thought, every emotion, a twinkling star in the vast expanse of our mind. Now, imagine helping someone navigate through this intricate constellation, especially when their stars seem a bit dim or out of place. That’s the journey of a mental health counselor, and here’s my personal compass pointing me towards this path.

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Making a Real Difference

So, why specifically mental health? Well, the brain’s this super-complex organ, right? Everyone talks about getting in shape, eating right, or meditating. But not enough chat is about understanding our noggin – the thing that literally runs the show. Mental health issues? They’re like the sneaky software bugs in our minds. We don’t always see them, but boy can they make things go haywire. I want to be the person who helps debug to help people get their minds running smoothly again.

Understanding Our Shared Journey

Humans? We’re social critters. Always have been. We thrive on connections, understanding and being understood. But those connections can fray when our mind plays tricks on us. And that’s gut-wrenching. Each of us, in our own way, is trying to figure out life’s intricate puzzle.

Now, while our individual paths may be distinct, our emotions and challenges are often strikingly similar. Fear, hope, joy, and despair are the universal signposts on everyone’s road map. It’s easy to feel isolated, to think we’re the only ones facing a particular challenge or feeling a certain way. But in reality, many others are trekking through similar terrains, guided by the same stars and battling the same storms.

Recognizing this shared journey opens up a world of empathy and connection. It reminds us that we’re never truly alone, no matter how solitary our path might feel. Through this understanding, we can extend a hand, offer a shoulder, or simply be there – making the collective journey a little lighter.

The Power of Empathy

At the end of the day, being a mental health counselor isn’t just about knowing the science or having a bunch of fancy degrees (though that stuff helps). It’s about empathy.

Empathy isn’t just about understanding someone else’s feelings; it’s about truly feeling them as if they were your own. When someone’s world is tumbling down, empathy lets us sit beside them amidst the rubble, saying, “I get it.”

This deep connection bridges gaps shatters walls, and creates genuine bonds. Where judgment divides, empathy unites. In a world that’s often rushed and digital, where real connections can get lost in the noise, the power of empathy shines even brighter. It’s the difference between seeing someone and truly recognizing them.

In essence, empathy is our human touch, our shared heartbeat. It reminds us that, despite our differences, we all seek understanding and love. By embracing empathy, we understand others better and discover deeper layers within ourselves. That’s powerful stuff. And that’s what I want to give.


Deciding to become a mental health counselor isn’t some random career choice I plucked from a hat. It’s a calling. A passion, a mission, even. There’s a wild world inside our heads, and I want to be the friendly guide helping folks through it. And honestly, in a world that sometimes feels a bit bonkers, isn’t it awesome to have someone in your corner? That’s why I’m all in on this gig.

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