What is Civil Rights Movement?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Civil rights movement was a time where if you had colored skin you would be treated worse than the white people because of your skin color. Which is called segregation which started the civil rights movement. Which allowed white people to have better privileges than colored people did like schools, parks, pools etc. Which was not fair to the colored people which started marches and protests.

What is Segregation?

Segregation was a thing in the 1950 thru the 60s which was the separation between white people and colored people throughout different places that we go to.

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Some of the places that were seperated was stores, pools and even schools. The colored kids had a school and the white had a school if you were colored and the colored school was far away you had to got to colored school you had no choice. Colored people had to use the stuff with the label colored on it because of segregation, and were not allowed to use the things named white or they would get in trouble.

You are probably wondering what did the kids did in the civil rights because this article is titled KIds in the civil rights movement well the kids helped with segregation and the civil rights movement stop. Some kids got picked to go to an all white school for the first time which helped segregation stop. Even though we remember the adults in the civil rights movement you have to remember that the kids made an impact too. If these kids did not do anything in the civil rights movement our society would not be the same that it will be today how knows if segregation would still be a thing today. In other words kids made a big impact to help colored people get their rights.

Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges was a six year old girl who was one of the colored children to pass the test and be able to go to an all white school for the first time. Ruby was born on september 8th 1954. She is known today for going to an all white school and is a symbol of the civil rights movement. Ruby made a difference for colored people just by going to the school other schools started to desegregate also. Even though some white people were thinking that segregation should still be a thing Ruby did not listen to those people she went anyways.

Ruby was picked as a tester to go to an all white school for the first time. Segregation was ending so they sent Ruby into an all white school so that schools would desegregate. Even though white people was a thing that should of continued they times were changing if they liked or not. Ruby did go to the school and ended up ending segregation once and for all so that everyone was equal no matter their skin color colored or none colored.That’s why Ruby is famous just for going to a new school that only had white people for the first time in her life.

It made others happy because they were able to do things that only white people could do before. They had nicer things like what the white people had. They were able to do things that once only white people could do like drink from a water fountain that once said white and colored. They made new friends with white people because they were not mean and rude to them that some were before. Ruby Bridges did things that some colored people have dreamed and wanted to do like go to a nice school with a playground and sit at the counter of a restaurant which only white people could do. In other words Ruby Bridges did a lot for the colored people during the civil rights movement.

The Little Rock 9

The little rock 9 was a group of colored students went to a central high school which was an all white school. The students in the little rock 9 is Melba Pattillo, Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Minnijean Brown, Terrance Roberts, Carlotta Walls, Jefferson Thomas, Gloria Ray and Thelma Mothershed. All these students were picked because they were trying to enrolled in the all white high school that summer. All of them went to the school when the beginning of the year came if the white people liked or not.

There was a lot of problems that went on when the little rock 9 went to the high school. One problem was that the district did not want the little rock 9 to show up so they warned them not to come, on the first day but they did not listen to them. Another problem that the teens faced was that around 300 soldiers were blocking their way so they could not enter the building. The last problem that they faced was the angry mobs of white protesters that thought they should not go to the all white school. Well how can an angry mob be problem You may wonder? well some were starting to hurt the little rock 9 which was the problem. In other words these are the problems the little rock 9 faced.

The little rock 9 affected the civil rights movement by going to that all white high school, so other colored students can go to an all white school also. They made other schools desegregate because they followed by the high schools example. They made segregation once and for all over so everyone was equal. That’s why the little rock 9 is very well known today in society for helping in the civil rights movement for helping end segregation.

Sylvia Mendez

Sylvia Mendez was a girl who was colored and waned to go to an all white school with her cousins. Sylvia and her family filed a lawsuit against the orange county school. Sylvia is another person who helped schools desegregate for colored people and just so she can go to a nice school like all of the white kids did. That tells us why Sylvia Mendez is a well known person in the present day.

Sylvia and her brother wanted to go to the white school because it was nicer than the Mexican school. All colored children like Sylvia had to go to mexican school which had horrible teachers, no playground and no lunchroom in the school but the white school had all of that. The Mendez went to court to start the case brown vs. board of education just to go to an all white school with her white cousins. The case affected the civil rights movement because Sylvia and her brothers and other colored children can finally go to a nice school with the white children. So Sylvia and other colored children just like her can have a good education so they can have as many chances as white children are probably going to have. Sylvia and her family went through a lot just so colored children can go to a good school just like the white children. Their case even had to get looked at again because the school appealed it but they did not give up on their case. That’s the reason Sylvia Mendez is famous for helping in the civil rights movement during segregation.

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