War on Human Trafficking

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Updated: Feb 21, 2019
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War on Human Trafficking essay

Approximately 800,000 people are trafficked across the border international annually and of these 80% are women and girls. (Deshpande, 2013) Often these females live in impoverished places where they are given false information which leads them to be trafficked. (Deshpande, 2013) Promises being made by traffickers such as they will obtain a green card and granted citizenship (when coming to places like America). Or they are promised jobs which most jump at the opportunity to have because when living in these impoverished communities stable income is often hard to come around. Victims can also be promised education or commonly a false marriage proposal which turns into trafficking. (Deshpande,2013)

So victims who are trafficked are falsely brought into the trade and once in language barriers, limited knowledge and lack of money are just some barriers that keep the victims in trafficking. (Deshpande,2013) These false promises not only hurt the victims being trafficked but also the families. For example a women could become a part of sex trafficking but chose to stay even after she finds out it was not what she was promised because it’s a steady income and a way to bring money into the household. Which is a situation similar to what Noy Thrupkaew had encountered and spoke on in her human trafficking Ted Talk. (Thrupkaew, 2015) Which shows the justification of why some women continued to put themselves at risk even after knowing the dangers.

They feel as if they have no other options so they continue to put themselves in harms way. That is just one example of the way the Power and Control (Deshpande, 2013) wheel is involved in sex and labor trafficking. That intimidation, emotional abuse, coercion, isolation, minimizing denying and blame, sexual abuse, using privilege, economic abuse and coercion and threats all play a role in keeping individuals in the trafficking cycle. (Deshpande, 2013) This is called the Power and Control theory. This theory then helps to explain the Labor Migration Cycle that was brought forth by Peiris Wickramage. Which includes the pre-departure phase, the at destination phase and on arrival phase. (Identifying the ‘Intervention Space’) This includes everything involving human trafficking. Why those are trafficked including the promises, what happens while they are trafficked such as the trauma and health affects they endure and then ending up at the arrival phase where then everything starts over. (Identifying the ‘Intervention Space’)

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