Tupac’s i Get Around – a Celebration and Introspection

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Updated: Oct 16, 2023
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In the wide-ranging spectrum of hip-hop, certain tracks not only define an artist but also encapsulate an era. “I Get Around” by Tupac Shakur, released in 1993, is undeniably one of these tracks. On the surface, it’s an infectious, upbeat anthem celebrating the hedonistic joys of youth and fame. However, as with much of Tupac’s work, beneath the catchy hooks and rhythms lies a complexity and depth that offers a deeper insight into the artist’s perspectives on life, fame, and relationships.

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The early ’90s marked an evolutionary stage in hip-hop. The genre was beginning to achieve mainstream acceptance, and with it came increased commercial pressures and a desire to appeal to a wider audience. Tupac, a multifaceted artist, was often at the center of this transformation, producing tracks that were commercially viable while retaining authenticity. “I Get Around” perfectly illustrates this balancing act. The song presents an unapologetic ode to a playboy lifestyle, yet it’s not without introspection.

Musically, the song is a masterpiece of early ’90s West Coast hip-hop. Its looped sample of the 1987 hit “Step in the Arena” by Gang Starr provides a groovy foundation over which Tupac and his collaborators, Shock G and Money-B of Digital Underground, lay their verses. The production is slick, with the chorus being particularly memorable, ensuring that the song would not only be a hit in the hip-hop community but also cross over into mainstream charts.

Lyrically, Tupac provides a candid view of his relationships with women. The tone is celebratory and confident, fitting the archetype of a young, successful artist enjoying the spoils of fame. However, the nuances that make Tupac such an enduring figure in hip-hop are present even here. There are moments of vulnerability and self-awareness, where he hints at the transient nature of his relationships and the potential pitfalls of his lifestyle. The line, “What you think I got my head in the clouds? / Naw, I’m just tryna get my feet wet, yeah” is particularly telling, suggesting an awareness of the fleeting nature of fame and the risks of overindulgence.

One of the most striking aspects of “I Get Around” is its unabashed honesty. While Tupac celebrates his lifestyle, he doesn’t shy away from its downsides. He acknowledges the criticisms he faces, not just from the women in his life but also from the broader public. This duality is emblematic of Tupac’s broader career, where he constantly navigated the tightrope between commercial success and authentic expression.

When placing “I Get Around” within the broader context of Tupac’s discography, it serves as a lighter counterpoint to his more introspective and politically charged tracks. Songs like “Dear Mama” and “Keep Ya Head Up” show Tupac’s deep sensitivity and concern for societal issues, especially those affecting the Black community. In contrast, “I Get Around” is a celebration of individual success and the joys of youth. Yet, even here, Tupac’s unique voice and perspective shine through, making it more than just another party anthem.

In conclusion, “I Get Around” by Tupac Shakur is a testament to the artist’s ability to produce commercially successful music without compromising on depth or authenticity. The track encapsulates the vibrancy and dynamism of early ’90s hip-hop while offering insights into Tupac’s perspectives on fame and relationships. It stands as a shining example of why Tupac remains one of the most influential figures in hip-hop, with a legacy that continues to resonate today.

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