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Back in 1912, the largest, beautiful liner Titanic set off from Great Britain to America on its first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. The journey that became his last.

The director James Cameron, who has been going to this film for many years, managed to turn this dramatic, terrible event into a film that became not only dramatic, but also romantic, which made this film a cult.

After all, by chance, a young, seventeen-year-old girl Rosa (Kate Winslet) sailed on this ship with her mother, who awaited a difficult financial situation in the future, because Rosa’s mother did not want to go to work as a seamstress (and what’s wrong with that?). To get out of this situation, she wants to marry her daughter off in marriage of convenience to a young man who is sailing on the same flight with them. And out of the many passengers, a figure comes to the fore, the image of Jack (Leonardo di Caprio). This is a young twenty-year-old poor artist who ended up on this ship, as if drawing out a lucky ticket. But was he happy?

People of different classes. But is it possible between them an unexpected romantic first true light love, which will erase clean all boundaries, barriers, which in fact may not exist between people? When Jack changes his suit for a jacket, sits down to dinner with Rosa’s family, earning this right by a certain noble deed, here he is – the same person as they are. Maybe all people are equal. Now they all sail the same way on this liner across the ocean.

Or maybe inner qualities are important in a person, which will be revealed most clearly and clearly in an unusual, dangerous, extreme situation?

And if in him, a poor artist who had a difficult past, it is not clear what the future would be, there is a spiritual beginning coming from his profession, which made him a romantic, in whom Rose fell in love, a huge number of spectators were imbued with sympathy behind her. And it was this role of Leonardo DiCaprio, played by him in his young years, that became one of the best in the actor’s career. For this romanticism. Especially when Jack and Rose stood together on board the Titanic in the last rays of the sunset, when the sea is so beautiful, when there is still peace and tranquility and harmony. But this is a symbolic transition between day and night, between the joy of the luxury of the ship, its grandeur, from the wonderful time of dancing on it to the night. But this night is destined to be sad, fatal. The iceberg in these cold waters is getting closer.

And here’s an extreme situation. When passengers understand that this first trip of the liner will be the last. And their lives are in danger. As shown scenes at night on the ship, when people are trying to escape. Where is salvation? In boats? What if a loved one remained handcuffed? What can a girl do for him? For the most heroic deed. It is shown what a person feels when he is alone, in the midst of this greatness and luxury, which is already doomed. Water rises all around. Need to keep going towards your goal? It is in these conditions that the character of a person is revealed: nobility, courage, decisiveness. Girls also have these qualities. And how people feel together on deck. The same panic. When it becomes obvious to some that you need to stay on the ship as long as possible. And if he starts to take a vertical position. How defenseless these people are! And how you need to love and cherish this life, every moment! And do not leave a person in trouble! If only all the heroes of the film understood this!

And already in the middle of the dark night, the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean to be near. But how beautiful these stars are under these cold waters!

“Titanic” teaches that as on a ship in this interval, which should be short-lived, but became infinity, all people in the world are equal. And you need to love and take care of each other, cherishing every moment of life.

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