The Theme of Fate in Macbeth

Fate and free will is a very central topic in Macbeth? , a play by shakespeare. We are going to look at alot of questions revolving around this topic . Such as, what does fate and free will even mean ? Do they come together as a whole or are they two different things? Also looking at the evidence of who is responisible for the tradgedy that is Macbeth . You’ll also find that Macbeth follows up more on free will then fate. All these questions and many more will be answered in this essay.

Macbeth is a Shakespearean play that navigates ideas of fate and free will. Some might argue that Macbeth’s fate is to be a traitor and a King. However, this being his fate it could’ve happened naturally. However, in his case he sped up the process and killed Duncan. He’s doing so to obtain the crown sooner. Fate and free will have a lot in common. Free will determines how one will meet their fate. This was shown in Act 1 ; And Fortune, on his damned quarral smiling, show’d like a rebel’s whore. But all’s too weak; For brave Macbeth; Disdaining Fortune , with his brandished steel, Which smoked with bloody execution?. This is his captain speaking, stating here that in the battle Macbeth should have died. However, captain says Macbeth is strong and outrules his fate . Thus, being the reason he didn’t die like he should’ve. Another question that remains ; Is Macbeth an agent of his own free will or is he an agent of fate.

In the beginning of the play it appears as though Macbeth is following his destiny. However, as time comes around it appears he follows up on free will. This showing; I am settles, and bend up each corporal agent to this terrible feat. Away, and mock the time with fairest showe; false face must hide what the false heart doth know?. Macbeth has chosen to deal with things on his own based on his free will. Fate and free will play a major role in this shakespearean play . However, one question still remains; who or what is responsible for the tragedy is Macbeth’s life?

Macbeth puts himself in a lot of positions. In all the evidence given one might say Macbeth is responsible for the tragedy that is his life. His mindset it very wicked, selfish, and self centered. He only cares about himself and what he wants . In the beggining he’s portrayed as a brave character but as the play moves along we can see he’s very self-centered and will harm anyone who gets in the way of his fate. It states, Oh yet I do repent me of my fury / that i did kill them?. Macbeth is his own enemy. After killing Duncan, he also kills the guard. Thus, anyone or anything that could possibly could get in the way.

Macbeth is a self- centered character. He only cares about himself and what benefits him and helps him the most. Instead of waiting on his fate he put things in action. Thats where he used alot of his free will. He makes all these decisions that ultimatley lead to to his own tradgedy. This shows that decisions were completley to benefit his own.

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