The Novel “Other Wes Moore”

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The novel “Other Wes Moore” talks about the author moore tells the story about himself and the other Wes Moore. They were grown in a similar neighborhood, and both have spent a difficult time because of their father died when they were still young. They all have been through similar hardship. They used to be in similar crowds on similar street corners, they both had dealt with the police because of their unpleasant encounter with the police. With two similar experiences, they had a different afterlifes. One becomes a famous author, and the other one had involved in robbery and shooting the police had to stay in the prison for his afterlife.

The author of the “Other Wes Moore” had once talk about if “The chilling truth is that [Wes’s] story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his.” The author Moore and the other Wes Moore had similar experience, but the outcome is a lot of difference. We can’t blame all the mistakes towards other Wes Moore’s family, but they do affect the outcome of Wes Moore’s afterlife. Author Moore’s parent is legally man and wife, but Wes Moore’s only had a young single mom also  had a drug dealer brother. Author Moore’s mother might not have a high level of education as Wes Moore had, but she’s a strong and independent that know what really help his son. When Author Moore started to fail his class, she sent him into a military school as soon as possible. On the other hand a mother that had higher levels of education, she doesn’t really know how to take care of her son. She’s weak compare to author Moore’s mother. One of her son becomes a drug dealer, and the other one had to switch between different school often. I think the environment that they lived in and the way their family affected them prevented their stories from becoming interchangeable. The environment and parenting cause the two similar boys walk through towards different direction.

The family played a really important role in the two teenagers facing the turning point of life. When the author moore went astray, his mother pulls him back. When other Wes Moore went astray, no one pulls him back. He has to face everything by himself. There have been few times in his life, that he wants to turn back from the mistaken. unfortunately, reality shuts his door and closed his window. Other Wes Moore tried to change himself, but it is only from himself not from the others. The reality told him it was too late. This is kind of sad and ridiculous that the one who forced to be changed, had become successful. The one who actively seeks change, had been slapped by the reality.

Poverty played a prominent role in the novels. Author Moores and the other Wes Moores grow in an area that affected by the poverty, their lives and lives have been damaged because of that. The author Moores was lucky enough to get rid of tragedy of poverty, but the other Wes Moores could not. Author Moore gets rid of it by his family’s financial help, but the other Wes Moores can not because his mom can’t afford it. She didn’t even attend college because her scholarship has been rejected, without a degree, she can’t have a higher income job. That cause the other Wes Moores drop out of school and started his drug dealing career. After he joins this he can’t leave it. The other Wes Moore tried to escape many times, but the reality force him back because of the environment.

The Novel had told us the statement toward life that one wrong step leads the rest wrong is a false statement. Author Moore is a great example. This novel also taught us that how important is parenting, education, poverty, and environment are. They can affect a person more than we can image. At the beginning of the novel Author Moore had already told the reader how important they are. “The chilling truth is that [Wes’s] story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his.”  The two boys started at the same starting point, but that causes them to walk into two different directions. If we think deeply we will realize the parental good intentions.

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