The Good Samaritan in the Bible

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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The term “Good Samaritan” originated from the Bible. This term was mentioned numerous times in instances where Jesus discussed a Jew being robbed and beaten close to death. As Jesus was narrating the story, it caught many people off guard because Jews and Samaritans were known not to get along. The Bible emphasizes loving your neighbors as much as, or even more than, you love yourself. This concept serves as an embodiment of the Good Samaritan law. The application of being a Good Samaritan isn’t as widespread as it should be, a fact that needs to be rectified.

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A Good Samaritan’s role is to be of help to someone, doing good deeds out of compassion and love with no expectation of material reward. The Good Samaritan law is fashioned to safeguard those in danger while others help out in acts of kindness. The law saves lives by eliminating hesitation among individuals, be they students or adults, encouraging them to offer help without second thoughts. The Good Samaritan law provides legal protection to anyone who is ill or in danger. This protection encourages the involvement of people who are naturally inclined to help others.

The primary purpose here is not only to love yourself but also to extend love to others simultaneously. You have to adopt an open-minded posture to perceive people who are experiencing difficult times. Furthermore, one needs an open and caring heart to serve for the greater good of others and look beyond oneself. Every state implements a version of the Good Samaritan law, ensuring that all physicians, emergency medical technicians, and first responders are protected by this law.

In most states, individuals aren’t required to offer first aid unless they are qualified and it falls within their job responsibilities. In some states, failure to provide assistance to another, even if not qualified, can be considered negligence. This only applies if the person fails to call for help. An unconscious person should be assisted willingly by a Good Samaritan; however, if the person is conscious, the helper must seek permission before providing aid.

This law exists to protect doctors and other first responders. The objective is to ensure that they aren’t held accountable for unintended consequences that occur after their intervention. The rationale behind this is the belief that their actions emerge from kindness, and occasionally, unfortunate events can occur, with no fault resting on the helper. The aim is to safeguard those who are driven to protect others, a quest not everyone is willing to embark on.

Being a Good Samaritan also involves aiding everyone, extending even to pets. All too often, pet owners leave their pets in hot, locked cars during summer months, causing distress and even death. Most pets are rescued by Good Samaritans before any severe harm befalls them. Assisting a pet can thus be regarded as an act of a Good Samaritan.

Even though being a Good Samaritan is codified into law, it should ideally be a way of life for everyone. Not only does it reflect positively on an individual and their character, but it also manifests their love for others. Some people only exhibit kindness for rewards or to enhance their own image, whereas it should be a natural and inherent quality.

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