Self-esteem – Big Issue in Today’s Society

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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I believe that the most important topic to me must be spoken upon and shared with many. Self-esteem is a big issue in today’s society, it’s something that most people don’t have. Some individuals might disagree and say that it isn’t at all important but it is. Self-esteem is what helped shape us into the person we are today. Your potential to achieve what you most desire in life relates to your self-esteem. No matter how big or small changes are, they will always affect the lives of many individuals in different ways.

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Some of these changes may bring you joy and happiness, while others may bring you pain and sorrow.

In order for one to successfully survive through changes one goes through they must be able to create a sense of stability within themselves. That stability may come from many things like confidence, having a clear sense of identity, and self-worth. Or in other words self-esteem. This means having more than just a natural sense of self-worth. Self-esteem means having confidence in your mentality to have the ability to think and to cope with challenges in life, along with recognizing that your worthy success and happiness. The very essence of self-esteem is to trust yourself and your mind and know that you’re worthy of greatness and much more.

Self-esteem can be shaped by both things within you and outside of you which can affect how you feel about yourself. To successfully build up and maintain your self-esteem, both factors must be addressed. Internal factors come from within yourself and how you treat yourself. Which includes things like the way you talk to yourself or they way you think or even things you believe in. True self-esteem comes only from within yourself which is a product of how you mentally treat yourself.

External Factors come from outside of you, around you or even in the environment that you’re in like work or living places. They can be transmitted both verbally and nonverbally and are usually sent from people you see and interact with almost everyday. This factor plays a big role on how you act, think, and feel about yourself. Though you never should make the mistake of relying purely on them for the development of your self-esteem. And if you do and suddenly there’s change in your life you’ll quickly realize that your self-esteem suffers as well as you do. Self-esteem can be influenced by external factor, such as by your appearance or how you’re treated by other individuals. This is one of the most common sources of self-esteem for many, but also the most fragile source.

I believe as an adult one should help/teach their child to develop self-esteem at a very young age. As a child one starts suffering from self-esteem due to the way they’re treated. Some children grow up being told many mean and hateful things by parents, siblings, and other children/individuals which causes them to have very low self-esteem as they continue to grow. Some people don’t realize the trouble they’re causing to others and it’s a big issue.

Self-esteem is a motivator that inspires behavior, but behavior also inspires self-esteem. This feedback causes a loop between the way you act and the level of your self-esteem. One cannot exist without the other. For example, with high self-esteem your more likely to face the difficulties in life. But with low self-esteem, you’re more likely to give up and stop trying to do the best. If you are positive, then your more likely to succeed more times than you fail. This will also increase your level of confidence and self-worth. However, if you give up easily and stop trying to do your best then you’re most likely to fail more often than succeed which lower your self-worth and confidence.

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As a child I was never taught or showed on how to build up self esteem instead I was building low self-esteem due to all the mean and hurtful things I was told as a child which caused me to have trouble with my self-image. It made me feel bad, I feared of failing, self-doubt, criticism, but especially rejection. Rejection lowered my feeling about myself, my self worth, my self-esteem. I learned that self-esteem affected my confidence and that it needed a change. If I ever wanted to rise up to any challenge I needed to believe in myself. Without confidence what was I able to do, who was I, what chances did I have to become successful or happy? If i couldn’t believe in myself how was I supposed to trust and believe in others?

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