School Shootings are Bad

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Everyone is concerned about mass shootings. I think everyone in the country can agree that they are horrible, and we all wish they’d never happen again. Unfortunately they will continue to happen and may increase in frequency. There is a large group of Americans who feel like gun control and confiscation is the answer. While I agree that it’s important to prevent or minimize the casualties of future shootings, I strongly disagree with the above mentioned method. The constitution guarantees US Citizens the right to keep and bare arms. If people are trying to take them away, there are probably other political motivations at play than keeping Americans safe.

Taking guns away from people will not work. This won’t work because only the law abiding citizens will turn their guns in and/or stop purchasing them in the future. Adding additional gun control laws for criminals to break won’t prevent anything. There would always be a black market for them to purchase guns. This would also make the general public a much easier “”soft”” target for mass shootings in the future. It’s a proven fact that places that don’t allow guns have more crime and violence.

I propose that having everyone armed and trained to use a firearm will eliminate the mass shooting problem in our county. If the pubic is armed and carrying everywhere, criminals will be much less likely to open fire. I still think that a screening process would be required to prevent the mentally ill and convicted criminals from purchasing guns. I also understand that this idea would only be effective if everyone was trained to use their firearms and were armed at all times.

Think about that for a minute. If you were a criminal and were planning to conduct a “”mass shooting,”” wouldn’t you want to attack a target that would provide little to no danger to yourself? You’d also want to maximize the casualties and publicity you’d get. Well, if you know that everyone, in every community across America was armed at all times… That would definitely narrow down your list of possible targets.

For this plan to work, the general public would also need a base amount of training so that they don’t add to the chaos and casualty list while they’re trying to “”help”” stabilize a situation. I think that would mean a minimum of two annual classes would need to be attended by all Americans who meet the requirements to own and carry a firearm. First and most importantly, general firearm training would need to be completed by everyone.

This would include safety, accuracy, and cleaning of firearms. The public would also need “”Active Shooter”” training that law enforcement and military personnel often receive. My plan would require each community to utilize a portion of tax revenue each year to subsidize that training for its citizens. There would still be additional expense for each person, but knowing that my family is armed and trained to take care of ourselves, would definitely make it worth the expense for me.

So what sounds better for protecting your family and friends? Taking all of the guns away from the good guys are present when a criminal/insane person decides to open fire? To me that sounds crazy. I would much rather have a well armed and trained group around me that criminals know would eliminate them if they decide to open fire.

My dad started training me with firearms at a young age, and I’ve continued to practice with a wide range of weapons. I know that if something ever happens in the future, my family will be protected. I know some will say this isn’t a good answer because it would ensure that bad people have firearms. Unfortunately, to me, it looks like they already have them.

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