Saving Private Ryan: the History about the WW2

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Saving Private Ryan is a War film set during the storming of Normandy in WWII. It was written by Robert Rodat and directed by Steven Spielberg. It is based around efforts to recover Private James Ryan from the setting of war and get him back into his mother’s arms following the deaths of his three brothers during the attack on the beaches. After hearing that three of the four Ryan brothers died during the attack and that their mother is to receive a telegram informing her of their deaths, General George Marshal on reading the President’s letter orders Private James Francis Ryan’s extraction and return to his mother. At this time Private Ryan was missing in action.

Saving Private Ryan has received critical approval and achieved major commercial success. The film was released on July 24th, 1998 and made over $480 million on a budget of $70 million. The film was nominated for eleven academy awards and was selected in 2014 for preservation in The National Film Registry.

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On the 6th of June 1944, American soldiers prepared to invade Normandy. They land on Omaha beach against heavily guarded German defenses and suffer heavy casualties and in the process, three of the four Ryan brothers are killed, while the fourth Private James Francis Ryan is missing in action around the area. A commander of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, Captain John Miller is able to make it out of the initial landing and gathers a group of his men to cut through the German defenses. Back home in Washington, D.C., General George Marshall learns of the death of three of the Ryan brothers and that the fourth is missing in action.

The fact that their mother is to receive telegrams of the death of three of her sons on the same day moves the General to order that the fourth son be found and returned home to his mother immediately. Three days after the initial landing, Captain John Miller receives orders to find Private James Francis Ryan and return him home. He gathers seven of his men for the mission and they move to Neuville and joined up with a platoon from the Airborne Battalion. Initially, they found a Private James Ryan but soon discover he’s not the one they were looking for. They later learnt that Private James Francis Ryan’s landing point was at Vierville and eventually located him but he refused to go home insisting that it’s not fair for him to do so.

Private Ryan showed his dedication to stay and fight the war for his brothers. He showed that life is something a lot bigger than himself. He was everything a soldier needed to be; selfless, relentless, fearless, and brave. Also, the target audience of the film is, in my personal opinion, for teenagers aged eleven upwards. These facts aside, the meaning of the film and the reason why it was made is to teach everyone a lesson of how war is really like by shocking this interpretation into us visually. The film ‘Saving Private Ryan’ has to be seen to be believed and is as unmeaningly educational as it is shocking. This film depicts many life lessons one should follow throughout their life. It shows the horror of war and brings us heart-aching stories that come with some characters. Though this film was very successful, it affected many people by the way it depicted war and how gruesome it actually was. Many veterans found it very hard to actually watch by how real the blood and the bullets flying were. Many people disliked it in that case but couldn’t appreciate the real story and meaning behind it. Personally I really enjoyed the movie by how gut wrenching and heart-breaking it truly was. It really stood out to me and showed me I needed to be my own strong-hearted person who is appreciative of what I have because it can always be worse.


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