Relationship of Jason, Creon and Medea

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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During romance, men promise more fancy things to women to win their affection. Sometimes these men can even take an oath to earn the women’s confidence and trust. However, some of these promises are not fulfilled and thus mark the beginning of mistrust and heartbreak. The tragic story of Medea provides the consequences of broken vows. The tragedy reveals the essence of staying faithful to matrimonial vows made. The tragedy befalls on Jason because he was unable to keep the vows he made to her wife.

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This assignment seeks to analyse the consequences that men might face when they fail to uphold the promises they make with regards to Medea’s tragedy.

In the play, Creon, though he has the power to stop Jason from betraying his wife he decides to support him. He facilitates Jason’s crime against his wife by further banishing Medea to exile. Jason decides to divorce his wife Medea for the princes Glauce. The first reason Jason gives is that he wanted to marry royal kin so that he can attain an epic status within the society. Medea being a barbarian, she was looked down upon by the Jason society. Jason goes on to marry Glauce even after the protest and opposition from Medea. Medea’s spurns him to ‘marry the maid if he wills; perhaps soon he consequently will regret his nuptials. Despite the Medea’s lamentation, Jason remains hesitant and goes on to marry Glauce with the help of Creon. This tragedy reveals men sometimes break their vows chasing after things that will enhance their economic or social status.

Jason unfaithfulness to his wife and Creon reluctance to enforce the moral judgement to Jason the punishment each bored was beyond Justification. Medea decision to kill Glauce because she was the new wife to Jason is unfortunate. Instead of killing her new husband’s wife, she should have developed a more amicable solution to solve the problem. Medea embodies the consequences of a rash decision. Medea killed both the king and her daughter to show her vengeance to the princess for her consent to get married to her husband.

Jason faces the most painful life experience. Medea decides to kill all her sons to cause pain to Jason. To her, the pain of killing the children was not much compared to the joy of watching Jason anguishing ion pain and regrets. The Medea’s punishment administered to her husband because of his unfaithfulness is unjustified (Smith, 42). It is morally and ethically wrong to take a person without pursuing all amicable ways of solving the problem.

Despite this, it was critical for both Creon and Jason to develop a critical understanding ding on the person of Medea and the consequences of their action. The king would have protected her daughter from Jason and opposed the Jason-Glauce relationship and showed support to Medea instead of exiling her. Jason and Creon did not learn from their mistakes instead of solving the problem at the early stages both of the two men act defensive against Medea whose opinion was to show feminine strength in the patriarchy society. It is due to their inability to discern and respond to Medea’s wrath that makes them pay ultimate price-death. Creon is killed together with his daughter while Jason is forced to live with the agony of losing all his children.

It is critical for men to keep their vows, and most important their matrimonial promise. Unfaithfulness has its consequences, some which are very severe. It is important for men to understand that confession is not a weakness. The tragedy that occurred to Creon and Jason can happen to any person who is not keen to keep his/her oaths. Despite Jason’s and Creon action, Medea’s decision to kill the king, the princess and her children to make Jason experience the pain for his action is not justified.

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