Penelope: the Woman with Many Suitors

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In the painting Penelope & the Suitors, Waterhouse, J.W uses the myth of “The Odyssey” to show that one can mourn for one another but still not let that interfere with their daily routine, while in her poem Penelope, Dorothy Parker uses the same scene to show that the tone of the poem can be described as calm and quiet which demonstrates the idea that Penelope is waiting on Odysseus but while doing so she is still going to do her household chores. In this dramatic scene there are suitors waiting to marry Penelope.

Greek Mythology changed in ways like the Greeks believed in Gods and Goddesses who controlled people lives. They believed that they had to pray to the gods for help and protection. They did this because if the gods were unhappy with them than they would be punished. In the poem “PENELOPE” Dorothy Parker Penelope feels as if everyone is talking about a good leader Odysseus is and how brave he is while she just waits at home for him and takes care of the household. “He shall ride the silver seas, he shall cut the glittering wave. I shall sit at home, and rock;” Penelope gives her all when taking care of the household chores and yet she feels ignored.

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Penelope feels as if she is forgotten because everyone calls her husband brave not caring that she is managing the home alone and also portrays the quality of bravery as well as Odysseus. In the picture Penelope & the Suitors Waterhouse, J.W. suitors have come bringing Penelope gifts so she would choose one of them to be her husband. Chieftains from Ithaca came to become her suitor. Penelope makes the suitors wait until she has woven a shroud for Odysseus father. “she was surrounded by suitors who tried to persuade her that he would never return.” The author of the painting J.W. Waterhouse, enjoyed drawing women but his attitude towards them changed when women started thinking of him as threatening. Waterhouse attitude towards women changed when he started to think of them as “depict dangerous femme fatales.” “It seems that if women had once struck Waterhouse as menacing and mysterious, they eventually ceased to threaten him, at least in his artwork.”

“Waterhouse change in attitude is evident in the contrasting ways he chose to paint his female subjects.” One can mourn for one another but still not let that interfere with their daily routine. Penelope is a strong brave woman who is not acknowledged for her work. Women play brave roles in life just like men and they should be acknowledged for their work.

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