Overcoming Depression

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Overcoming Depression

This essay will address strategies and methods for overcoming depression. It will discuss various approaches such as therapy, medication, lifestyle changes, and support networks. The piece will emphasize the importance of seeking help and understanding depression as a treatable mental health condition, along with sharing stories of recovery and hope. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Depression.

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Supporting close people, even when the patient does not express an interest in it, is very important for overcoming depression. Remember that depression is a disease in which one needs understanding, but in no case sink into sickness together with the patient, sharing his pessimism and despair. You need to be able to maintain a certain emotional distance, all the time reminding yourself and the patient that depression is a passing emotional state. Try not to concentrate on the illness of a loved one and bring positive emotions into your life and family life.

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If possible, try to involve the patient in some useful activity.

Adults who suffer from depression tend to react appropriately, in an adult way. They have a sad face, they are weak and inactive, they cry, they are feverish, they suffer from insomnia, guilt and insecurity. Children, teenagers, experiencing the same sensations, but this could be a signal for friends and parents. They disguise their true feelings. Some resort to destructive patterns of behavior: they drink, take drugs, are hostile to others, commit unlawful acts. Almost half of adolescents who take drugs begin to do this during depression.

Unfortunately, adults often notice only external manifestations, not trying to look more closely and understand the reasons. West Joe says “Results Children of mothers with perinatal depression had a 40% increased risk of gastrointestinal infections and a 27% increased risk of lower respiratory tract infections compared with children of mothers without perinatal depression” (West Joe, 799) Many parents are to blame for not being able to hear what the children are saying to them, they do not want to see the problems of their children. After all, this evidence that they cannot cope with their parental functions. Very often they react to the depression of their children by irritation, which only worsens the situation.

It is a mistake to imagine patients that careful medication and psychotherapeutic exercises can quickly eliminate depression. It is extremely necessary to actively participate in the process of treatment. At first it is difficult, almost impossible, but with every day there is more and more strength, more and more confidence, and then you bravely enter the fight. Physical exercises or any physical activity help to cheer up, and not just because you are distracted from your problems – it increases muscle tone. Active exercises cause the brain to release natural substances – endorphins. These substances are produced by the human body and are close to antidepressants and neuroleptics.

It is very important that physical exercises maximally affect the muscle tone. Swimming in the pool, playing tennis on the court or digging up beds in the villa area, your muscles must feel physical load. And the more these sensations are brighter, the better for your body. In addition, the exercises make you better treat yourself, and when you are more self-centered, you get a new charge of power to further combat depression.

I think that seasonal or shallow depressions, usually accompanied by unknown despondency and apathy, are, in a sense, the same colds, only on a mental level. A depressed person changes in his perception, in reactions to the surrounding world, becomes, in a sense, ‘himself does not look like himself.’ Everything that used to be habitual and easy becomes painful, it seems like losing strength. Many in this state try to ‘keep themselves in hand’, convincingly force themselves to behave as if everything is in order, live and work at the same pace and perform normal for a healthy self-load. In the depths of soul, such a person thinks that time will pass and he will ‘let go’ by himself.

When a person is depressed, it is very difficult for him to start doing something to get out of the state of emotional depression. We have to make efforts, somehow overcome ourselves. If you manage to do something and get a little distracted, then after a while you feel relief. If you get rid of tormenting thoughts from your head, go to work or study with your head, it will almost certainly get better. But, for how long?

A person learns not to pay attention to symptoms, becomes less sensitive and even over time becomes proud of his own thick-skinniness, as if suppressing the dictates of his own soul makes him stronger. But this is self-deception! The person does not develop, but, on the contrary, becomes stale, and from this his inner world becomes poorer, and the depression intensifies. When depressed, the crisis is on the verge of collapse. This is already a disease, and you need to seek help, just as you seek help from a dentist when the tooth is aching. This is normal and natural. And the presence of repeated depressive states is a clear signal of a lack of concern for one’s mental health. I’m not trying to do advertising on this in order to increase the influx of clients of a psychologist

. A good psychologist has so much work to do, here it is in another – in the time of life. Depression, inactive and lengthy, consumes not only strength, but also the time of a person’s life. His best time is when he is young and full of energy. Kok, Rob M. writes “Depression presents with the same symptoms in older adults as it does in younger population” (Kok, Rob M., 2114) How many days, months or years of your own unique one-of-a-kind life are you ready to devote to ‘suffering’? Or, maybe, still it makes sense to go through several sessions of psychotherapy and spend the rest of the time more important and necessary things for you? Life is short, and most people live as if they are going to live forever.

After the exit from the emotional ‘corkscrew’ begins the main, most important work with the problems of depression and it will for the most part be independent and not at all simple. It is important to understand that to take care of one’s inner world, to develop one’s own spirituality is necessary and natural, just as we understand the need to expose the body to physical activity to maintain a tone so that muscles do not atrophy, that we will not lose strength, that there is strong health, and, as a result, – good health, high quality of life and full longevity.

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