O.J Simpson and the Crime Scene

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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On January 24, 1995, one of the greatest cases arrived to fame which was the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in Los Angeles. The NFL Football star, O.J Simpson became the prime suspect due to the biological evidence found throughout the crime scene and the surprising car chase that lead the police to have somewhat an idea of the killer . Although the court ultimately took the decision of his innocence, he was sent to prison for committing several other robberies.

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In my perspective, I would have found O.J Simpson as guilty by the significant observations, testimonial evidence, and the small coincidental things between O.J and the crime scene.

Initially, investigators roughly examined the crime scene until they had discovered that the killer must have had a cut on the left hand. According to the Serology article it states,” When Simpson returned to Los Angeles, investigators noticed a cut on a finger of his left hand”. “He told several conflicting stories about how he had gotten it, which boxed him in later at the crime scene indicated that the killer had been cut on his left hand and had trailed blood outside the gates”. “That hardly seemed coincidental”. From this point, investigators believed it was likely that this individual was the killer because it was a very strange coincidence that he had this. Although this may be unimportant evidence, this contributes to their findings because investigators are trying to obtain as much evidence in order to connect all their pieces upon their difficult puzzle. Another reason why he is blameworthy of this crime is because the blood in the crime and Simpson’s blood both prove to have a similar match. In the Serology article it states,” Comparison between his DNA and that of the blood at the scene showed strong similarities. “The tests indicated that the drops had three factors in common with Simpson’s blood and only one person in 57 billion could produce an equivalent match”. As we see from here, Simpson’s blood is unique and rare from others, that the tests demonstrated that both bloods resembled. Not many individuals have the type of blood that Simpson has, which shows that he must have taken part of the murder.

Besides that, in the crime scene, Simpson’s shoe prints were discovered due to its uniqueness and size. For example in the Serology Article it states,” In addition the blood was found near footprints made by a rare and expensive type of shoe- shoes that O.J wore and that proved to be his size”. Experts have retraced these prints back to where it was originated and have inspected its model thoroughly. At the day of the occurrence of the murder, O.J must have been wearing them to leave the trail of blood left behind him. The shoe prints belonged to him because there was an identical match found. Apart from physical evidence, there was also testimonial evidence presented to investigators from the limousine driver. According to the Serology Article it states,” On the night of the murder, while he waited for Simpson, he had seen a black man cross the driveway and go into the house”. “Then Simpson claimed that the driver had been unable to get him on the intercom because he had “overslept”. “So then who was the black man who had entered the house?”. Testimonial evidence is very important because it provides a further understanding of the actual crime scene upon the perspective of an individual. The jury is able to rely more upon what they had encountered to prove whether an argument is accurate or invalid. In this case, the witness was only able to identify the skin color of the murderer which proved to be that it was O.J.

Overall, in my perspective I believe that O.J Simpson is guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Forensic experts and investigators were able to discover both physical and testimonial evidence to prove accurately that Simpson is the actual killer. The court must realize that there is enough evidence to hold him in prison.

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