My Opinion on the Capital Punishment

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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My Opinion on the Capital Punishment

An exploration of personal beliefs and reasons concerning the legitimacy and morality of capital punishment. Reflecting upon ethical, legal, and emotional facets to determine whether it serves as a justified form of retribution or presents more problems than solutions. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Capital Punishment topic.

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I believe the laws of the death penalty can go both ways as of why it should be loosened but retained for serial killers. I think the death penalty should be banned because it’s not the best way to punish killers because it doesn’t reduce the crime rate. Not only does it not reduce crime rate but it also isn’t equal throughout the United States because only twenty states have abolished capital punishment.

The death penalty cost the United States 5 million dollars to execute one person, but that’s including their food, trials, court appearances, clothing, and the medicines they used to kill them.

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To keep them in prison until death cost approximately 1 million dollars. So executing the inmates on death row cost the US more money, so the government is slowly running out of money by choosing to kill inmates. It cost the US citizen taxpayers 90,000 dollars more per year. In my personal opinion, I think it’s ridiculous to kill someone for five million dollars because, in the end, it’s not worth what it is. So I think they should just sit in jail because then they think about what they’ve done so then they feel bad and depressed, it’s actually harder on them then executing them.

The death penalty is taking taxpayers money so the citizens that aren’t very wealthy are becoming poor. It also doesn’t change the crime rate taking place each day. People that kill others in states having the death penalty are going to expect to get caught and sit in death row until they are executed, so it’s their own fault. I think the death penalty does really do anything because those who get killed aren’t affecting others that don’t know them. I believe that if the US chooses to execute someone they shouldn’t rely on their citizens to pay for some guy that chose to do wrong because some of us aren’t as wealthy as others so they live on tight budgets monthly for items they may be in need of at the time.

The death penalty makes the United States look bad compared to some countries because a lot of the other countries have banned the death penalty because they don’t think it’s right. I think the US shouldn’t be after what others think of us because clearly the US has awful people that chose to do wrong and I’m not saying it’s everyone, there are just people that don’t like to use their brain and think. It has also been shown that the death penalty can be really difficult for families. I think it’s the appropriate punishment for serial killers, but if someone accidentally kills someone and is proven guilty shouldn’t have to be killed. I also think it will eventually become banned in all fifty states, but it won’t be coming quickly or easily. Once someone is killed they close the case and don’t oven it again.

In conclusion, I believe the death penalty should be weakened but retained for serial killers. I think the United States needs to get rid of the death penalty for a few people that don’t murder others on purpose because Europe has decided to stop transporting the lethal drugs to the United States. Another reason I think it should be abolished is that humans have the right to life because have the right to life is the most basic human right. I also believe by 2075 the death penalty will be abolished throughout the United States and any other countries that are still serving it. In the future, I want to see Capital Punishment be banned unless it’s for serious life-threatening cases against other citizens. 

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