Mountain City School District

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Updated: Oct 15, 2021
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Case Analysis Mountain City is an over populated city with schools that are in need of a transformation. The city caters to five high schools, ten middle schools, forty elementary schools and a vocational program for post high school education. Problems have evolved in the school districts due to the decreasing funding from the government and students’ low performances on standardized test. These problems have created a lot of media attention and the administrators have showed concern as a result. While trying to find solutions to the current problems in the school district, they discover there are unresolved internal problems between them and their employee. The administrators are determined to find a solution to better their relationship with employees

.Problem StatementMountain city school district has an internal conflict between employees and administrators, which has resulted in employees distrust for mangers. The main factors of the problem between mountain city administrators and employees are due to the organizational system, management style, employee dissatisfaction and poor communication. The problem will be analyzed through the functional approach, classical approach and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.

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Problem Analysis The employees expressed their love for what they do and express that they have a good relationship with their immediate supervisor. This shows that their goals are aligned with the overall goal of the organization. As a result, they are willing to have a say in decision making and are quite enthusiastic about voicing their opinions to help transform the school. According to Maslow hierarchy of needs theory, low order needs have been met but the higher order needs have not. These employees are provided with wages, have no reported safety issues and have good relationships with their immediate supervisor and co-workers. This accounts for their physiological, safety and affiliation needs stated by Maslow.

However, the esteem needs are not met this is evident when the employees stated in the survey that they have no recognition for their effort. They also stated that they never know how well they are doing their job. This only shows that there is no reward system for employees and they feel their effort is going unrecognized. Which makes it hard to fulfill their self-actualization needs because their esteem is some worth lowered. Employees also state that their input does not matter and they have no useful feedback for potential advancement. This further explains the self-actualization needs because they want to take more responsibility and help in the decision making process but they are not given the chance.

The communication between the administrators and the employees is really poor, it takes the form of the classical approach. One of the employees stated that there is no upward communication, which only shows that the communication is only downward. Another employees stated that the “the hill wants it their way you’ better live with that”. This shows a style of management called the benevolent authoritative’ according to Likert systems IV. All the decisions happened at the top with no employee input. The communication director Leslie Tingey stated that the employees did not receive the new programs and policies well. This shows that the employees disapprove of it because they had no input. That also proves that the communication direction is downward and style of communication is formal.

Clearly, there is no communication when employees say that they see the administrators very few times. It is evident that the administrators are not listening to the employees when they make the few visits that they do. This is because the administrators are surprised about the outcome of the employee surveys as it relates to them. If the communication was good they would have picked it up way before the survey. In other words, communication only happens when the administrators give orders to the employee. This survey was done ten years prior with the same outcome. This means that in between the ten years no one knew how the employees felt about the administrators.

The school district operates under a closed system as described by the functional approach. They do not take in new information or feedback from the employees and as a result the students are negatively affected academically. The change messages are not being utilized even after ten years the school district remains unchanged. They have not implemented any employee suggestions instead they implement newprograms and policies. The communication channel is through the employee survey and is mostly in written form.

It is fair to acknowledge that the cut back in employees and financial support from the government has also affected the administrators. The situation has caused them to be over worked, and has influenced low visits. The communication input is therefore influenced by these factors and communication throughout did not take place. That is why the communication output is still the same. In other words, since the school district operates under a closed system, they did not implement the change messages implied by the employee survey and that is the reason for the lack of progress after ten years

Possible Solutions The first suggestion would be to provide staff meetings on a regular basis to allow feedback, open discussion sessions, also recognition of performances to show appreciation of employees .

Another suggestion is to host a social event (Award parties) to honor employees for their hard work. This way they also get to meet with the administrators and they get a chance to socialize outside work and network. One of the employees stated he has only seen three visits in his three years, administrators should visit schools monthly. They can also use technology communication mediums such as video chats. The administrators should also conduct a survey yearly to measure employee satisfaction more effectively and measure progress.

Best Solutions The best solutions would be monthly visits by the administrators and staff meetings within each school. The staff meeting within each school is one of the best solution because employees will be recognized for their efforts or achievement. They will also be allowed to voice their opinions which will be implemented in decision making. It would cost little to no money, this solution only requires time from their employees and immediate supervisors. The immediate supervisors and the employees have a good relationship therefore it will be easy to setup a meeting. A monthly visit by the administrators is also one of the best solutions because this will decrease employee distrust. The employees see them more and the administrators can make better decisions because they are more familiar with the school needs

.Implementation of best solutions The staff meetings will happen bi-weekly among employees and immediate supervisors in each school. The immediate supervisor will acknowledge employees good work, efforts and achievements. He or she might decide to give little incentives such as gift cards or just as simple as some good words and applauding. The supervisor will also give them generalized feedback on performance and give them room to suggest problems to solutions that’s hey face as a whole. These meetings will be permanent and should become part of the culture. The immediate supervisor will relay these messages to the administrator on the next visit. The monthly visits should be conducted by an administrator; each site will be assigned an administrator. This administrator would talk to the supervisors on the visit and walk around the facility. They would check on employees engage in small talk or possible something they observe. They will also give employees opportunity to contact them directly via email as a follow up to a discussion they have had. The administrator may also choose to meet the employees all at once and in fact recognized their achievements.

Mountain city school district has not resolved the internal conflict between the administrators and employees after ten years. The conflict is a result of the organizational system, management style, employee dissatisfaction and poor communication. The best solutions to this problem will be to have bi-weekly staff meetings and monthly visits from administrators. This will be most effective because it is cost effective, increase employee morale and encourage a team oriented style of leadership.

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