Liver Disease

In recent years there has been an increase in liver failure as a result of careless drinking and other inevitable causes. The treatment for these end-stage liver diseases is a liver transplant. One big challenge exists when it comes to liver transplants the number of organs donated is lower than those required.

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An ethical challenge arises concerning the allocation of this few organs. Should patients with liver failure due to drinking be denied liver transplants?The idea that patients with end liver failure due to preventable causes should be denied liver transplants is wrong. Such discrimination is unjust as no single person should be denied healthcare services.

Additionally, such conditions make decision making for health practitioners hard. Patients continuously complain this reduces efficiency in service delivery.To decide on who should receive a liver transplant careful assessment of the patient should facilitate the making of the right decision. The first thing to look at is the possible benefit of the liver transplant to the patient. Transplantation should be done to the patients who are likely to experience the maximum advantages of transplantation.

If there is no difference in the benefits to the patients random picking using an unbiased method can be done. Another point to consider is how badly the patient needs the body part. Priority is to those sick individuals who will die soon if the procedure is not done. If more than one patient is seriously sick, the health service should be offered on a first come basis. The other criterion involves looking at the patient’s medical condition, This is done by doing blood type and tissue compatibility tests. A patient with good results stands a higher chance of a successful tissue transplant.

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