Is African Americans Counted out the American Dream

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Ever since the early 1900s, equality has been of great concern on the basis of race. This has always been the source of division among people in the United States. Racism is also the most obvious form of inequality in America. Living the American dream is a phrase coined in 1931 to describe an equal state where everyone receives a certain level of acceptance and the ability to have equal benefits despite their race or state of outward appearance. It is a disqualifying factor in matters ethnic profiling, segregation and also racism.

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This means that the people involved experience equal opportunities and also experience a normal life where judgement is not based on face value. The American dream is meant to be a solution to racism and racist behaviour, however, the question that always arises is have the African Americans been shut out of the American dream? Is it also worth maintaining the belief or the slogan?

African-Americans have not been counted as an equal part of the citizenry in the United States. The same struggles that have been existent keep haunting and taunting them all through to the 20th and 21st century (Putnam, 2016). This means that in terms of finances and loans, the bank would still scrutinize the borrowers based on the colour and the historical opinion that is present concerning the people. The struggles stretched all the way to the inability to build wealth and also get a good and stable job. This says very little concerning the upholding of the American dream. The community seemed least involved in a slogan that should change the perspective for all Americans and offer respect to the African-American community.

According to Reverend Joseph Brandt, (2013) in one of his speeches, it is clear that the nation is aware of the separation between the people as a result of race. He mentions the fact that the people of the United States are international bigots and their being trapped in a system of racism that is structures. This explains the conscious way in which the American dream is ignored to be able to ignore the differences within the communities and have one group treated as the minority. The American dream does not apply in the case since all it does is create a sense of concern that is non-existent among several Americans. It shows the inability to cope with the various affecting issues.

African-Americans, go through several issues that show that the American dream does not certainly apply to them. The first is the housing issue that faced several of the black Americans. The lack of ownership in the housing sector was a form of racial discriminative act towards the people involved. In such cases, the person would purchase a house on a contract purchase basis and also have their payment made every month towards the end. The black Americans would keep paying but not many of them ever would receive or build up equity from their purchased house. These issues involved big banks that have been existent for a long time and are of great influence within the country.

The African Americans, being shut out of the American dream is a slow and slippery slope towards their total racial discrimination within the United States. The fact to support this is employment and the lack therein of entering the middle class while working in a normal corporate environment (Camanho, 2015). The only hope for a middle class life was the ability to harness and maintain a job within the government. This makes matters worse by expressing the level of inequality and also not being bothered enough to solve the issue. The most radical expression ever shown in this case is the exploration of predatory practices that make it hard for racism to stop and also be completely ruled out as an issue that is based on wrong beliefs.

The Black Americans, from the generalisation of their personality, based on face value have been given little to fall back on to in terms of their rights and capabilities. Looking into equality means that the people are not discriminated against. However, the 20th and 21st century expresses the same struggle that was there since the early 1900s. The front row has been occupied by several people intending to further what they assume is the American dream when it really has not been achieved. The Americans and racism have been put within the same confines and cause a stir in the progress that can be made in the future.

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