How did Chris Mccandless Die in into the Wild

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Updated: Apr 14, 2024
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How did Chris Mccandless Die in into the Wild

This essay about Chris McCandless’s tragic death in “Into the Wild” examines the circumstances that led to his demise in the Alaskan wilderness. It outlines McCandless’s adventure-seeking spirit and his quest to live off the land, which ended when his body was found in an abandoned bus. The essay discusses various theories regarding his death, including starvation, poisoning from wild plants, and a lack of survival skills. It reflects on McCandless’s desire to escape societal conventions and his pursuit of authenticity, highlighting the thin line between adventure and peril. Ultimately, it presents his story as a reminder of both the allure and dangers of the wild, emphasizing the ongoing debate about the values of society and the human spirit’s desire for exploration.

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The story of Chris McCandless, immortalized in Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild,” continues to fascinate and puzzle readers and adventurers alike. McCandless’s journey into the Alaskan wilderness, which ended in his tragic death, raises questions about the fine line between seeking solitude and courting danger. This post delves into the circumstances surrounding his demise, piecing together the available evidence to understand what really happened to him in the wild.

Chris McCandless was a young man with a thirst for adventure and a profound desire to escape the materialism and conventions of society.

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After graduating from college, he donated his savings to charity, abandoned his car, burned the cash in his wallet, and began a two-year odyssey across the Western United States. His journey culminated in Alaska, where he intended to live off the land in the heart of the wilderness. In April 1992, he hitchhiked to the Stampede Trail and set up camp in an abandoned bus famously known as Bus 142. It was here, months later, that his body was discovered, leading to widespread speculation about the cause of his death.

The autopsy performed on McCandless’s body concluded that he had died of starvation, but this explanation has been both accepted and contested over the years. Krakauer’s book suggests that McCandless was weakened by eating the seeds of the wild potato plant, which he had mistakenly believed to be edible. Initially, it was thought that a toxic alkaloid within the seeds had gradually debilitated him, impairing his ability to gather food and ultimately leading to his death.

Further investigations and scientific analyses have provided alternate explanations. Years after the book’s publication, Krakauer himself posited that the seeds contained a toxic amino acid, L-canavanine, which could have contributed to McCandless’s weakened state. However, this theory has also faced criticism, with experts arguing that the levels of L-canavanine in the seeds would not have been sufficient to cause his death.

Another perspective considers McCandless’s preparation and survival skills, or possible lack thereof, as a significant factor in his demise. Critics argue that his romantic view of wilderness survival, influenced by the works of Jack London and Henry David Thoreau, may have blinded him to the harsh realities of living off the land in Alaska. They suggest that McCandless’s death was the result of a combination of starvation, a lack of proper preparation, and possible poisoning from consuming wild plants he could not accurately identify.

Despite the various theories surrounding Chris McCandless’s death, his story remains a poignant reminder of the allure and dangers of the wild. It highlights the thin line between seeking adventure and risking one’s life, a theme that continues to resonate with those who dream of escaping the confines of civilization for the unpredictability of nature. McCandless’s journey into the wild was a quest for meaning, a rebellion against consumerism, and a search for authenticity in a world he felt was marred by superficiality.

In conclusion, the exact cause of Chris McCandless’s death in the Alaskan wilderness may never be fully understood. His story is a complex tapestry of youthful idealism, a profound connection with nature, and the ultimate price of adventure. Whether viewed as a tragic hero or a naive idealist, McCandless’s legacy endures in the debate he has inspired about the values of society, the call of the wild, and the human spirit’s unyielding desire to explore the unknown.

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