How America Prevents Terrorism

A CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) operative that was just recently rescued  by members of Seal Team Six from being held captive by a radical organization overseas, comes home and see the black site that worked at, Abu Ghraib, plastered all over the news. The news is saying American operatives have been torturing their prisoners, and that there is a fine line between interrogation and torture. However, they do not realize how the United States uses espionage, the CIA black sites, and their interrogation tactics to prevent terrorists and their threats.

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Even though there is the thought that American military and operatives are torturing their prisoners at these black sites. With the United States leading the war on terror since the attacks on September 11th, the world has improved tremendously on countering terrorism. The use of espionage, black sites and interrogations have all played a key role in preventing terrorist cells and their mission.

America has been using spies since the first President of the United States was in office. Spies have deployed with every war in covert operations since the revolutionary war, whether it was to influence another government to release land to America like what happened in 1810 throughout 1812 when James Madison had sent out spies to infiltrate Spain and have them give Florida to the United States. (“History of American Intelligence – Central Intelligence Agency”,2007”).

Looking at times during the Cold War Adolf Tolkachev was a Russian scientist who believed in America and its allies. Tolkachev would meet with American operators and delivered thousands of documents to the United States without ever leaving Russia, helping the allies turn the tide of the Cold War. After the attacks on September 11th, the CIA was rounding up as many militants as they could. The agents at once went and tried to recruit members of the terrorist cells. The CIA used anything in their power to encourage the prisoners to be a double agent, which meant even resorting to bribery before the new agents even left the compound.

An Iraqi national infiltrated the Islamic Front organization otherwise known as ISIS. Captain Harith al-Sudani, was a captain in Iraq’s national intelligence agency. He went deep under cover and became a very trustworthy advisory of the Islamic Front. Before he disappeared after going to a farmhouse where the Islamic Front requested him to be, he prevented 18 suicide bomber attacks as well as 30 vehicle bombing attacks while being undercover in the terrorist cell.

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