Edgar Allan Poe and his Brief Sojourn at West Point

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Updated: Oct 26, 2023
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Edgar Allan Poe, a name synonymous with gothic horror and intricate poetry, is an icon in American literature. Yet, among the myriad facets of his tumultuous life, one of the lesser-known chapters is his brief tenure at the United States Military Academy at West Point. While this period might seem incongruous with the image of the brooding writer, it offers intriguing insights into Poe’s character and his journey as an author.

In 1830, a young Poe found himself walking the grounds of West Point, having secured an appointment through the influence of his foster father, John Allan.

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This decision was not driven by a deep-seated desire to serve in the military, but rather by a combination of circumstances and perhaps a quest for stability. At this point in his life, Poe had already faced numerous setbacks. He had dropped out of the University of Virginia due to financial constraints and had a short-lived stint in the army under the pseudonym “Edgar A. Perry.” West Point, it seemed, offered a chance at a fresh start.

However, the strict regimen and discipline of the Academy were at odds with Poe’s temperament. Known for his free spirit and rebellious streak, he found it challenging to adapt to the rigors of military life. His time at West Point was punctuated by bouts of insubordination and neglect of duties. Whether these actions were deliberate attempts to get expelled or simply a manifestation of his disinterest is a matter of speculation. But what is clear is that by the end of his first year, Poe had made up his mind to leave the Academy.

His eventual dismissal from West Point in 1831 was not a straightforward affair. Rather than simply resigning, which would have required John Allan’s consent, Poe opted for a more defiant route. He deliberately violated rules, neglected his duties, and made no efforts in his examinations. This tactic was effective, and he was court-martialed and discharged.

However, Poe’s West Point chapter wasn’t merely about rebellion and expulsion. During his time there, he made several acquaintances, some of whom would play roles, albeit minor, in his literary career. It’s also worth noting that, post his departure, Poe leaned into his West Point experience to fund his literary pursuits. He sought subscriptions from his former cadets for a new volume of poetry. This collection, titled “Poems,” was financed largely by these cadets. The dedication, humorously, read: “To the U.S. Corps of Cadets this volume is respectfully dedicated.” This gesture, cheeky as it was, showcased Poe’s ability to use every experience, good or bad, to further his literary dreams.

While Edgar Allan Poe’s association with West Point was brief and fraught with challenges, it remains an essential chapter in understanding the man behind the literary legend. It underscores the idea that his life, much like his tales, was filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. Moreover, it serves as a testament to his resilience and ability to rise above adversities.

In retrospect, while West Point and Poe might seem like an ill-fitted match, this episode added layers to his narrative, both as an individual and as a writer. It reminds us that our paths are often shaped by a myriad of experiences, some seemingly out of place but all contributing to the tapestry of our life’s story. For Poe, West Point was one such thread, woven intricately into the mosaic of his fascinating life.

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