Dunkirk Film Review: a Great War Movie

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Updated: Apr 29, 2022
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Dunkirk Film Review: a Great War Movie essay

Directed by Chrisotpher Nolan, Dunkirk (2017) is a movie about the allied forces of Britain and France evacuating from a French island, where Germans have surrounded them during World War II. It involves air and ground troops extracting British soldiers stuck in Dunkirk, right after Germany’s advancement on France. It begins with the sight of hundreds of thousands of British soldiers on a beach, all waiting to get on one ship. People are scrambling, dead bodies in some spots. Methodically, and carefully, air support and civilian ships evacuate around 330,000 men from Dunkirk. Many British war ships are sunk in the process, along with some brave men who died attacking the German planes. A civilian father and his two boys are seen going to Dunkirk, rescuing their troops and losing family in the process. The emotions shown by the soldiers and the commanders truly capture the essence of the war and the movie.

Personally, I’d rate the film a 9/10. It captures specific events, emotion, spirit and the fear very well. It consists of three to four different views at one point, for example, a civilian family, a French soldier stuck among thousands of British soldiers, a British pilot who gave his life fighting and a commander who had to bring his troops home. This variety of perspectives and views make the film interesting to watch and engage the viewer. I enjoyed the detailed scene where the British soldier tries to escape from his plane after it had been shot down, the struggle he went through opening his cockpit and surviving was amazing and made me enjoy the film. I loved the scene where the elder son tells a soldier that his brother is fine, even though he had died. It shows the contribution of a civilian in such a war, it shows that there are bigger things to focus on. The movie also involves scenes from the perspective of a British soldier who just had his plane shot down. His anger and his emotions towards civilians is expressive and depicts the thoughts someone in that condition would be facing.

Movies like Dunkirk are very important to us today. The main reason for this is the fact that we need to know our history. People enjoy movies, a movie about the history of a battle in WWII would interest people and engage them. But this movie was made to show the virtue, contribution and passion of the British soldiers during such tough and life-threatening times. The soldiers risked their lives evacuating from the Nazis. It’s important for us to know today how previous generations fought for their lives and dealt with the dangers of war. It also shows us the effect of war on civilians and soldiers. We need to learn from movies such as Dunkirk to know better for the future and avoid any events that resemeble the holocaust. People think about WWII and say it was brutal, movies like these show the general public how it was a victory for the allies and the effort put into it. 

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