“Do the Right Thing” Summary Essay

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Updated: Sep 11, 2023
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Spike Lee film makes the best choice focuses on the lives of racially assorted individuals and culture. I contend it manages and give wide models of stereotyping, prejudice, and police mercilessness which are everything that is going on in this day and age and in addition to the fact that it shows the inconveniences of various ethnicities it demonstrates the magnificence, and the grotesqueness we may have as far as we could tell and heart. Bigotry, stereotyping, and police fierceness ostensibly remains a main consideration on the planet since people can’t acknowledge every others culture, skin shading or musings and convictions. Police severity is an extremely known issue in the public eye, it suggests the illicit power from an officer onto a non-militarized personnel. Stereotyping is a main consideration on the planet likewise, a man could accumulate racial musings about somebody in their mind before meeting and welcome the individual. Each of the three are reasons why numerous individuals will never comprehend and coexist with the following individual due to their social convictions, their social convictions, their skin shading and on account of the lamentable occasions that has occurred in the past between various ethnic gatherings. It is unsafe for one to pass judgment on someone else based off their looks and convictions. On the off chance that racial and social convictions and contemplations are not tended to by people with significant influence, they can prompt demonstrations of brutality by the individuals who feel frail.

A dark character by the name of “”Radio Raheem”” strolls around with his uproarious blast box and plays impacting noisy Rap music. He remains next the Puerto Rican culture of music and plays his music louder than their music. By, him doing that he isn’t endeavoring to see music’s identity louder he is demonstrating that characteristic of needing to be the prevailing society. It relates because it powers the Puerto Ricans to kill their music and by them killing their music it demonstrates that Raheem and his way of life which is African American needs to be taken a gander at with more regard and that they are more ground-breaking than the following society. By, him feeling more regarded and ground-breaking it radiates the prospect of stereotyping due to as opposed to taking a gander at the other culture as equivalent he feels his way of life ought to be all the more incredible and regarded by them by winning the music fight it indicates how one culture could be control hungry throughout the following society. Raheem later succumbed to police severity which has happened to numerous other African American guys of assortment of ages. African Americans represent 24% of the populace killed by police ruthlessness With the passing of Raheem it apparently demonstrates stereotyping on the grounds that he is a genuinely extensive African American Male. This is a recognizable scene on the grounds that the group yells out various names of exploited people who additionally was killed by police severity in the area. Just about 4 decades later Missouri managed the homicide of African American male Michael Dark colored who was killed without a second thought through police ruthlessness. Police fierceness is a characteristic that goes in close vicinity to the heart and the mind not all officers that are Caucasians ponder diverse societies however to some it is to a greater degree an individual quality and contempt for that race.

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Sal restaurant is an Italian pizza place ran by him and his brother in a predominantly black neighborhood. Although it is ran in a black neighborhood and they are fond of African Americans now Sal still utters racial slurs from time to time. He calls Raheem music “Jungle Music” which is a racial slur and a form of stereotyping. Pino the son of Sal shows his racial hatred towards African Americans according to his quote “All of your favorite people are so-called niggers, But there is no room for African-Americans on the wall of the pizzeria, decorated with images of famous Italians” `(Lee). “ That shows although they work in a predominantly black neighborhood that, that doesn’t change the way someone looks at another cultural and they can’t adapt to that culture. Pino also keeps a steady eye on the relationships between blacks and white in the restaurant as his brother and father flirts with an African American girl. Arguably Pino’s hatred and stereotyping for African Americans leads to a fight between two different races and that leads to Raheem’s death which his life ended by Police brutality.

After the demise of Radio Raheem, Mookie an African American male who works at Sal’s eatery as a conveyance kid is remaining beside Sal and his two young men, every one of the three are white guys. The neighbors are taking a gander at Mookie remain by the white guys , Mookie feels clumsy after the entire police mercilessness circumstance and he moves from the white guys. Where it counts Mookie could have felt a racial strain towards the white guys in light of the fact that Pino had a section in Raheem’s passing. Mookie had a dedicated association with Sal yet after the demise of Raheem, Mookie’s highlights started to demonstrate that he isn’t attached to the white guys any longer. This is vital on the grounds that before the difference between the opposite sides Mookie is attached to Sal however after the demise he becomes far from Sal. That demonstrates the offensiveness and where it counts racial contempt that individuals may have in spite of the fact that they don’t indicate it. Sal store is pulverized in the uproar yet shockingly, Mookie who never had an issue managing distinctive societies toss a junk can through the window of the store demonstrating that his offended with the sentiment of being the frail culture. Mookie demonstrates that he is burnt out on being made out as the frail race by him doing that it indicates racial weaknesses and stereotyping by needing to be the predominant race as opposed to feeling like everybody is equivalent regardless of what the outside world considers. Sal loses his prevalence over the African American race as they take cash from his store and gain the prospect of being ground-breaking since they have cash. He never again has the control and regard of Mookie and the African American race and that demonstrates that Sal indicates stereotyping in light of the fact that he have an inclination that he is responsible for the network of blacks since his store is well known. Generalizations are a major issue in our reality. It makes a man feel like they need to act or carry on a specific path for somebody to acknowledge them as a man as opposed to tolerating them the manner in which they are. Stereotyping can likewise make a man feel to a lesser degree a man since somebody makes a decision about them based of their sex, their shade of their skin, identity, and convictions and considerations. Every one of the 3 subjects stereotyping , prejudice, and police mercilessness are central point that are going ahead on the planet today that are influencing the lives of grown-ups however not exclusively is it happening to and damaging grown-ups it’s going on to kids moreover. Each of the 3 influence the lives of each race , sexual orientation and culture in negative ways.

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