Deaf being Sexual

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“For this research report I decided to focus more on the social aspect of the Deaf community I been talking about education, government, and even politics and I decided to do a deep search about how their social lives influence others. During my high school years when I was coming from Juarez homosexuality was seen as a something wrong, something weird and even people bully other just because of that, after a few years in high school I understand that here in America they have more liberty, they don’t feel shame and they feel free so I decided to do a research paper if the have experience their sexuality as hearing people.

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In the article named “Deaf and Hearing-impaired Lesbians and Gay males: Perception on Social Support” talks about how they did an exploratory study that describes the social support system of 43 gay men and lesbians with different hearing impairments degrees. They put on an experiment to figure it out what kind of support they had during a daily basis and on an event of a crisis.

Data from this study mostly of the participants are young, healthy, well educated, professional, mostly profoundly deaf lesbian women and gay men, according to the data shows that lesbian, gay male friends, fictive family provide the most support during the times of crisis they had. Also, data shows were well integrated into the gay male and lesbian community as well as the heterosexual community where they sought and received social services. After reading this part it makes me feel a little of relief to think that some of them have a normal experience with not any type or complications for them, but it not ends there

Although getting more into the article data didn’t show any particularly religious as I think every person has problems even if is hearing, deaf, woman or men, participants also show how they are involved in politics they tended to vote for candidates that openly supported lesbian and gay male and that they want to make a change. Open and honest about their sexual orientation, most participants were in long term relationships with same-sex partners and have some few disabilities other than hearing loss. Later data demonstrate that social workers working with deaf or hearing-impaired clients must consider the aspects of community both the gay and lesbian community and of course the deaf community, the use of appropriate communication techniques, and employ an empowerment approach to best meet that people needs.

After reading this article it make me understand that we need to make sure in any field we go whatever is medical field, teaching field, business field we need to be well educated, we need to have a open mind, of course the article didn’t show up the other part of the story on how deaf people have a problem communicating with their parents or even educator or school they don’t take the time to show or explain any other subjects there that the reach the goal of speech and is sad because in some studies shows that Deaf they have the straight talk of telling that they can be a high number of sexual partners over the past years compared to the hearing population and we have to remember that Deaf individuals have a sexual health risk profile that is distinct from that of the general population.

In conclusion I really want to dedicate my acknowledge and help not only the Deaf community but all population because I know how awkward can be the talk about the bee’s and the flowers or any other questions about sexually transmitted viruses and makes me realize I would like to open a center were everyone in welcome and they don’t feel judge so they can have information about any topic they have and maybe inspired others to do the same and maybe try to put a program on publics schools to still make emphasis that sexual life is important and we must have information to students and prevent any unwanted pregnancies and less STD’S.”

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