Chris McCandless’s Extreme Ethics

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Once in everyone’s life time people start to realize they can make their own decisions. We become independent and self sufficient. Chris McCandless in the non-fiction book “Into The Wild” was a person who was separated from everyone, didn’t have many friends, And was known for being a weird person by his classmates. His family was together, but broken. Chris had never really been independent in his life. This is what motivated him to take the trip to Alaska to survive in the wilderness on his own.

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Instead of finding himself in a responsible way, Chris dropped everything, changed his name and left without telling anyone where He was. He had no compassion for his parents who loved him, had no respect for the people around him, And He just threw them away like a piece of trash.

Chris was irresponsible. He underestimated the wild, didn’t have enough respect for it, and felt as if he knew it well enough to survive out there when in reality, he didn’t know much. Chris was a confused young man who had an urge to find himself. He felt as if he didn’t have freedom, He was a person confused about his place in life. He felt as though he didn’t fit in since he was young. He was finding himself, and at the same time fulfilling a dream he had. He showed courage, honesty, friendship, and ruggedness. On the same page he was cowardly, dishonest to his family, and just a plain bum. He was a human being, not one thing or the other. He just wanted to do something phenomenal. Wanting to find a place where he wouldn’t be judged. Hungry for freedom, but not the illusion that today’s society often gives us.

Chris’ journey was at least extreme. It takes more than being insane to accomplish what Chris set out to do. And For Chris, his adventure was an amazing experience, and

I believe that everyone should try and take some kind of adventure themselves to truly find out who they are. “If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed” -Chris McCandless. Life has no limits, and Chris proved that on his journey into the wild. I would enjoy to take a journey as Chris did, but I would take a different approach.. I feel that physically I might not handle the harsh conditions as Chris did, but mentally, I feel I’m ready. It takes a lot of heart to leave everything behind as Chris did, but I know that I would really find myself, and who I really am by taking this journey into the wild. Catching my food, making fire, boil water, and just to enjoy the scent of the wild and the sounds being relaxing and peaceful. I am confident that I must take a journey as Chris did, not as crazy as his was but something smaller. A short get away and hopefully I’d be lucky enough to survive with a good experience.

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