Causes and Effects of Vandalism in Dewey High School

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Causes and Effects of Vandalism at Dewey High School

How can Dewey High School prevent vandalism from occurring within the school? Some ways that the school can stop vandalism from happening is, from a research survey, anonymous students have stated that to prevent vandalism, the school must install more cameras.
They say that if more cameras were to be installed, the school administration could catch the vandal by simply watching the footage collected. Many students claim that their property is getting taken, messed with, and or destroyed/damaged.

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Not only is this a major problem for the school, but it also makes the student feel insecure.

The Financial Considerations of Combating Vandalism

The cost of each camera would be around $200 dollars. If the school installs, say, 100 cameras, that would cost about $20,000 dollars total. The school would have to spend a good deal of money just to put in more cameras. So, could Dewey High School do a fundraiser to buy the cameras? If so, then what is the goal to raise? By the survey, students would feel safer if the school would install more cameras to watch everyone. Now, not only does the student feel insecure and unsafe, but they explain that the vandalism also makes the school look bad.
By doing research, statistics show that friends are more than likely the ones who are stealing and destroying possessions. The survey showed that most kids had witnessed at least one friend in the act of vandalism. They claim that the friend(s) think it as a petty joke when in all reality, it can cost a lot of money. This also has to do with the cameras. Asking several students about the cameras, they say that they know where every camera is around the school premises. This is probably one reason that vandalism has increased at Dewey High School so much. There are not enough cameras to catch the people who are in the act of vandalizing someone else’s property. So, whether friends or fellow students, vandalism has increased by at least 20%.

Student Reactions to Vandalism and Potential Solutions

In what ways does vandalism make the students feel? Well, there are at least four to maybe five ways that the students feel. The survey over vandalism asked the same question, and by research, it is explained that students at Dewey High School feel anxious, stressed, and frightened. However, there are a few students that have partaken in graffiti and said that it is enjoyable. They say that their okay with vandalism and don’t see it as a problem at Dewey High School. Then again, by doing research, there are torn pages from textbooks or drawing on desks and in the bathrooms. As in the previous paragraph, another visual example could be students’ vehicles that are being keyed or drawn on.

To add to this, from gathering the results from the survey, students feel anxious and worried. So, in what ways can the school prevent anxiety? Well, for instance, adding more extra-curricular activities to the school options. This will make the students happy, and they won’t be as bored as if they were just sitting there doing a lot of homework. That is another reason students claim that they are weighed down by the amount of homework that they are given. They also state that they are bored because they are not interested in what they are doing. So, in all reality, the school can add more activities to the list that the students are interested in.

The truth of the matter is kids are bored and need more activities that are good and will quite possibly stop vandalism. Some of the activities need to be interesting. Some activities can include driver’s ed, gaming classes, etc. The percentage of vandalism will decrease a bunch because of this. It will decrease because of the activities.

Vandalism, Graffiti, and the Need for Authority Intervention

Students claim that they feel uneasy and worried because of the effects of vandalism. Some interviewed students have explained that whether the drawings/engravings on the desk or the writing on the bathroom walls has them worried. In this case, the student(s) find it rough to be at a school that has a problem with vandalism. This is somewhat of an issue in Dewey High School. Though cameras may stop vandalism, they may not catch all of the vandalism. Considering the fact that statistics show that most of whom are participating in vandalism are boys.

This brings another pressing matter to the table. Since research shows that boys are more than likely the ones who are vandalizing, they are also involved in gangs. Why gangs? Well, gangs like to use graffiti and symbolize who they are. Examples of graffiti are not just in the school. Some of the following include train cars, walls in a town, park equipment, and many countless others. Since graffiti is a type of vandalism, it can be affiliated with gangs; it is a problem. Now, there is no gang-affiliated graffiti that has been found at Dewey High School, but there are drawings within the school itself. Some students want something that they could tell a person of authority about the matter. They explain that this would make them feel a lot more safe.


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