American Sniper: Chris Kyle

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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Chris Kyle was born and raised in Texas. He would become the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history. He grew up hunting with his father. He developed a strong sense of duty to his country. In 1996, he signs up for the U.S. military, where he is recommended for the Navy SEALs. The SEALs at the time was an unknown branch that trained to fight on land, in the sea, and in the air. Kyle makes it through their intense physical training, where he is waterboarded, forced to exercise for hours at a time without rest, and sleep deprived.

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Once Kyle completed SEAL training, he is stationed in Long Beach, California with the Navy SEALs Team 3 and meets his future wife Taya. While stationed at Long Beach, the 9/11 terrorist attacks take place. Kyle is horrified by al-Qaeda’s actions and tries to get deployed to the Middle East as quickly as possible. He doesn’t get deployed till two years later. As he is waiting to get deployed, he continues to strictly train for combat. He and Taya also decide to get married before he is deployed. Shortly after the honeymoon, Kyle is shipped out to the Middle East for his first tour.

While in the Persian Gulf, Kyle and the rest of Team 3 raid the Iraqi oil tankers after suspecting the Iraqis are sneaking oil of out of the country. During this raid, he finds how much he enjoys firing a gun during active combat. During the spring of 2003, Team 3 along with Kyle, arrive in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This was an operation designed to liberate the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship. While in Iraq, Kyle had to raid houses, secure oil fields, and fighting small groups of insurgents. While having to carry out these tasks he grows a hatred for insurgents, which many are fundamentalist Muslims, which try multiple times to kill him and his friends.

When Kyle returns from Iraq, his first deployment, Taya realizes that the war has made him moodier and angrier. While home, Kyle attends a sniper school where he learns how to shoot accurately from impressive long distances. Kyle is an average sniper but he learns that this gives him the opportunity to shoot those insurgents that he has grown to hate. Kyle and wife Taya welcome their first born, an eight-pound baby boy. Kyle has a hard time making a connection with his son so he leaves for his second Iraq deployment.

On his second deployment in Iraq, Kyle works with the Polish GROM fighters, which is the Polish version of the SEALs. Kyle and the GROM invade apartments that are suspected of harboring insurgents. He finds it difficult to shoot these insurgents even though he knows he’s doing the right thing. While on his second deployment, he earns a Bronze Medal for valor.

When he returns home for the second time from Iraq, Kyle is able to make a connection with his son but begins showing signs of PTSD. Kyle begins to struggle with the pace of life as a civilian and wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. Taya finds it hard to talk to Kyle because she feels like Kyle is carrying a sense of guilt. This sparks marital problems.

Kyle returns to Iraq for the third time. This time Iraq is liberated from Saddam Hussein. Kyle and the rest of the SEALs work hard to keep the city of Fallujah safe from the dangerous insurgents. Kyle will be sent near the Euphrates River where he will provide backup to the U.S. Marines. Kyle’s platoon is then transferred to the Baghdad, where they protect democratic officials as Baghdad prepares for its first election. While in Baghdad, Kyle endures multiple injuries but refuses to seek medical attention. He refuses the medical attention because he isn’t ready to be sent home. During this third tour, Kyle collects a huge number of insurgent kills. This begins to give him the reputation as a superb sniper.

Back from his third tour, Kyle and Taya continue to have marital issues. The marital issues worsen after Taya finds out that Chris is gonna reenlist in the military. She tried to get him to reconsider, she told him that if he reenlists she’ll know that he values the SEALs more than family. He still reenlists. Before he leaves for the fourth tour in Iraq, Chris and Taya welcome their second child, a baby girl, after Taya underwent an emergency C-section.

In 2006, Kyle goes on his fourth tour in Iraq, this time there are two new members on the SEAL team, Ryan Job and Marc Lee. His team is deployed to the region of Ramadi. There they will fight off insurgents and train the Iraqi soldiers and police officers. Kyle quickly considers this as useless work because he feels like the Iraqi soldiers and police officers are lazy, as well as undisciplined. While here, Kyle and the SEALs fight in the Battle of Ramadi and take over the city. During this tour, Kyle learns that his nickname is “”The Devil of Ramadi””. The insurgents now realize how deadly of a sniper Kyle truly is. This places a huge bounty on his life, but he continues his work; providing backup for troops and raiding Iraqi houses that the military quickly turns into bases.

In September of 2006, Kyle learns that his daughter might die of leukemia. He returns home but feels guilty for the death of the new SEAL, Marc Lee, and injury of Ryan Job. While back home, Kyle learns his daughter will continue to live. Unfortunately, while home, he begins to suffer from a knee injury and begins to start drinking heavily. He completes five months of physical therapy so he can go on back to Iraq for his fifth tour. As Kyle is leaving for this deployment, he promises Taya that when he gets back he won’t reenlist.

This deployment, Kyle and the SEALs are deployed Sadr City. They fight a group of insurgents called the Mahdi Army. This deployment is when Kyle gets shot and almost gets blown up by a bomb. Violence keeps escalating in Sadr City. Finally, Kyle is shipped out of Iraq.

To Taya’s surprise, Kyle does not reenlist. He reunites with his good friend Ryan Job until Job’s death. Kyle decides to lay the bottle down and go to marriage counseling with Taya. Love wins and they stay happily married. Looking back, he recalls his time in the SEALs and describes how it has made him and a stronger and better man.

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