About how Spielberg’s Imagination Allowed him to Create Beautiful Stories

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Updated: Aug 15, 2023
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Steven Spielberg has created a world in which the impossible becomes possible. His films have inspired and challenged the way one looks at the world from a creative perspective. The Genre Film Theory encompasses and recollects Spielberg’s films. One of Spielberg’s films that aligns with the Genre Film Theory is E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. This film is classified as Drama, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy. The story is about a young boy who discovers a mysterious figure in his backyard.

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Little does he know that what he has found in his backyard will forever change his perspective on life. E.T. correlates to the Film Genre Theory because it encompasses the definition of drama, sci-fi, and fantasy elements. It offers an astonishing correlation with Spielberg’s imagination, and highlights the core purpose of identifying the true beauty of what makes science-fiction and drama movies so enjoyable.

Science-fiction and drama films are the most moving films that capture the audience’s heart and soul. They create passion and love for watching movies all the time. Many early science-fiction films consisted of special effects that left the audiences wanting more. “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” (A Trip to the Moon), produced in 1902, was made by the imaginative French filmmaker, Georges Melies. With innovative, illusionary, as well as exquisite film techniques, he introduced a new way to feel cinema through humans’ deepest emotions. The very first science-fiction featured film was introduced in the 1920s. This film portrayed the overall aspect of how technology had made the world go mad, increasing the emotions that audiences felt as soon as they believed in a better aspect of increasing their knowledge on how to feel something.

Other than plain sadness or overall happiness, as the years progressed, science-fiction films became more visible for audiences to enjoy as they concentrated on the emotions of the audiences. Spielberg’s captivating movement towards capturing a beautiful concept of an Extra-Terrestrial figure to be best friends with a human boy creates a beautiful ocean of emotions, capturing the heart of millions of audiences. Steven Spielberg created E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, which came to theaters in 1982. Spielberg’s imagination allowed him to create a beautiful story that correlated an odd yet satisfying friendship between a human boy and a strange figure from a different planet. The beauty behind this story captured the heart of millions of audience members. According to filmsite.org, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial’s “estimated budget of $10 million was easily recouped when it became one of the box-office champion films of all time”.

This reflects the dramatic impact obtained with each and every single one of its audience members. Most of the shots that Steven Spielberg used were low angle shots, portraying an empowerment of the children’s figures within the film. This dynamic concept also allowed for younger audiences to further understand a child’s point of view regarding how children perceive adults. These lower-angle shots presented a powerful concept of how fearful children are of adults and how adult authority impacts not only the young characters, but also the audience members. The film also aligns with the genre of drama due to its background story of the protagonist. A boy from a broken family whose father has left, now facing life alone, finds someone who fills his life with better opportunities and new outlooks that creatively impact his life.

This science-fiction/drama generated a film which gave a twisted reaction towards how this specific genre would be looked at in the future within this category. According to history.com, “With E.T., Spielberg would create an even more appealing vision of alien life, in the form of a diminutive creature with wrinkled skin and a glowing belly.” This imagination led to a better understanding of how dramatic assumptions must be felt within the screening of different films. Spielberg imagined a creature that would provide love and kindness to a boy who needed his empty holes to be filled. According to scmp.com, “Spielberg says E.T., the character, had its origins in an imaginary friend he created as a child, when his parents split up. He suggested the idea to screenwriter Melissa Mathison, who wrote the script in eight weeks.”

The creative aspect of telling a dramatic story touched the lives of people all over the United States. The magic that conquered the hearts of millions of Americans had a cause-and-effect impact, relevant to analyzing how a specific film genre dramatically impacted the way we all view our own lives. As the article continues, it mentions, “Spielberg didn’t want E.T. to look cute – he described its face as one only a mother could love.” This statement clarifies the powerful sway Steven Spielberg’s imagination had. A creation of certain desires was manifested throughout this film’s narrative. The beauty, as well as the correlation between a young boy and an alien, teaches us the true meaning of experiencing a particular aspect and cultivating an overall love for not only our own but also for what is beyond our comprehension. Spielberg became a legend following this film. This masterpiece left audiences contemplating the real meaning of love.

Spielberg’s imagination in creating a beautiful relationship between a young, mistreated boy and a lonely alien brought out the true meaning of what the Drama and Science-fiction genre has always been about. This genre aims to create imaginary worlds in which our kind interacts with other worlds, which we believe might or might not be real. Science-fiction is based on scientific studies and advanced technological concepts that, when mixed with dramatic effects, can produce something magical—which is precisely what this film did. It challenged the modern interpretation of what the Science-fiction and drama genre is all about. It reached new heights, offering fresh perspectives that left audiences wanting more, and it expanded the horizons of our imagination. It made a significant impact on each audience member and made their perception of magic more tangible, thereby creating something beautiful for everyone to remember forever.

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