A Truly Talented Woman – Beyoncé

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Beyoncé is a truly talented woman, she uses her talents not only to gain money, which her job after all, but she also tries to show the importance of females all around. Even though some people may have diverse perspectives on what she does. I say she’s being sycophantic when it comes down to those who work with her and with by exploiting a woman’s body, and including her popularity she does it all.

Beyoncé’s video, “Lemonade”, was indeed an incredible video, expressing many types of emotions and with the intention of empowering women many people may say.

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In a text we recently read, titled “Moving Beyond Pain”, by bell hooks. Bell hooks stated,” In this visual narrative, there are diverse representations (black female bodies came in all sizes shapes, and textures with all manner big hair)”. Within this sentence you notice the word “diverse”. Meaning different. Beyoncé uses different types of females as representatives in her video to show the viewers that for a woman to be truly valued she don’t need to be like any other. She is special in her own way no matter what. The best way to empower something or in this case someone is to show that no matter who you are, you are valuable. Which us is where my second quote come into play. In that same text, bell hooks stated, “Portraits of ordinary everyday black women are spotlighted poised as though they are royalty”. Someone who is royal, others area servile towards that special person. This quote shows that Beyoncé’s video is empowering women for the simple fact that it shows you that she is showing women in all community that they are unique and the world should be willing to do as they please. Which is like a confident booster for many. With the help of high self-confidences, you may exceed your expectations. Bell hooks states that Beyoncé is exploiting women for her financial needs, without thinking outside the box as a woman herself. Not everyone sends messages the same way nor do everyone capture a message the same way. To moving forward to having power, you need to be able to strategize and work with what you have. Beyoncé uses her talents and the opportunity she has to be on social media to let her message spread, that’s just her capable way of doing so.

Beyoncé’s video is here to be a guide to all women and which helps to make them feel empowered. In a text intended contradict many would agree. It’s titled, “A Black feminist Roundtable on Bell Hooks, Beyond Moving Beyond Pain”. One of the writers, which was Melissa Harris stated, “Even the pretty girl, and the rich girl, and the famous girls, will feel pain”. This quote showing that even the viewers believes that they have some sort of connection with Beyoncé even though they not physically connected, People will exaggerate and think the fact that if someone is rich or poor, they have totally high expectations. That’s partially true. Think of it like this. Two people are wet in the rain, both get wet, however one has other clothes to change into, but the other have to take of that same clothing to let it dry out to reuse cause that’s all they have. But you may fail to think about the fact that they both got wet by the rain. But the endings are different. We are all human no matter how we set one another up in society, we are all the same, we all have emotions. Within that same text, I manage to gain another quote, but this was stated by someone name, Cassie De Costa. She stated, “I’m not too perfect to ever feel this worthless”. This quote may seem confusing. But Beyoncé is simply being realistic. No one is perfect. But that doesn’t mean you are worthless so if you fail at anything you shouldn’t keep beating yourself down to reach the impossible. These words were used to maybe persuade women all around that they are not worthless but not yet perfect, but perseverance will always be there. As it was stated in this essay there’s always two sides to everything. People may define Beyoncé as quintessence of being rich and famous and knowing how to get money into her pockets. That’s a fact. Beyoncé and many other artists advertise name brands to get profits. We know how the world works but yet we fall for the same trap. That we set up for ourselves. We want to keep up, Beyoncé and like another other want to make money, however you can, that’s how you going to do so. Beyoncé is still getting paid while others who does much more physical work get paid so little amount, so would bring up inequality in this situate.

In conclusion, Beyoncé uses her talents not only to gain money, but she tries to show the importance of females all around, even though some people may have diverse perspectives on what she does. Some do say she’s being sycophantic, With the help of exploiting a woman’s body. But this all really matter based on your perspective.

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