12 Years Slave Film Review

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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The motion picture opens with a gathering of slaves accepting direction on cutting sugar stick. A man sits lazily on a wagon of  pure sugar cane stick root, watching the men work. The scene moves to a gathering of shacks. The slaves are eating. Solomon Northup sees the dull juice of blackberries and it gives him an idea to make ink and a plume. Lamentably, the plan comes up short. The juice is too thin. Afterward, in the swarmed slave quarters, a female blends in her rest and advances on Northup sexually, utilizing his hand for discharge.

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Solomon flashes back to more joyful circumstances with his better half and kids and the title card flashes. We see bits of Solomon’s life as a liberated individual. He plays the violin wonderfully and is much sought after as an entertainer in his home of Saratoga. Soon thereafter, in the wake of settling the kids in their beds, he chats with his better half, who will presently take the kids with her as she functions as a cook. He energetically communicates desire at being denied of her cooking. The next morning he sees them off in a carriage. Later that evening, he experiences a companion who acquaints him with two voyagers (Brown and Hamilton) asserting to work with a carnival like show. They guarantee him an over the top total to go with them to Washington DC and guarantee his arrival before his better half gets back. He consents to go along with them. We next observe the trio at an eatery in DC. His supporters plunk down a pack of coins in abundance of their guaranteed total. They share wine and one of them observes nearly as Solomon depletes his glass. Everybody is having an extraordinary time. All of a sudden, Solomon rises and shines in a damp cell, affixed to the floor. In a progression of flashbacks, we see his “companions” convey him up to his inn room, pardoning his tanked daze to different benefactors. Dark colored urges Hamilton that time is short, and they should be finished with it. Their flight closes the flashback, and then I found out that Solomon was in the cell where he is informed that he is a runaway Georgia slave. In spite of his dissents of being a liberated individual, he has no papers. Solomon is cruelly beaten and in the long run sent into a slave pen with others.

He talks about his circumstance with Clemens, an obviously instructed slave who educates him on the critical nature concerning their circumstance. Before long a mother (Eliza) and little girl are conveyed to the pen to join a formerly caught child. She attempts to keep an overcome confront while understanding the prospective catastrophe. Under front of dimness, they are pulled from their cell, binded and transported to a stream pontoon. They are directed to the hold, packed with other human payload. Clemens emphasizes his recommendation that Solomon keep up a position of safety, denying his capacity to peruse and compose. The experience another slave (Robert) who needs to revolt and assume control over the ship. They think about their chances previously selecting alert. Soon thereafter, a slaver visits the hold and stirs Eliza to assault her. Robert endeavors to stop the assault however is wounded and executed. Clemens and Solomon are accused of dropping the body in the stream, inciting Clemens to comment that Robert is in an ideal situation in death. Afterward, they touch base at a dock. Clemens’ lord is sitting tight for them and quickly requests the arrival of his stolen property. Clemens appreciatively hurries down into the grasp of his lord, relinquishing all confirmation of his beforehand showed keenness. Solomon has lost his solitary companion. A slave names freeman calls his new property to their feet by reporting their names. He calls Solomon “Platt” which he clearly doesn’t perceive. Solomon is slapped for denying the name.

The outrage of Freeman’s slave task is shown as the stripped slaves shower in cans at his workplaces. Inside, he puts on his business spiel to anxious clients. A respectable manor proprietor (Ford), communicates enthusiasm for Platt (Solomon) and Eliza. She implores him to take her kids too, yet Freeman shies away, quickly pitching her child to another purchaser. Portage endeavors to get her little girl (obviously of blended legacy), however again Freeman won’t change his cost. Portage can just bear to pay for the two. Eliza is troubled and uncontrollably shouts in her anguish, irritating the deal. Solomon is summoned to play the fiddle to help the state of mind. Passage transports his buys back to his manor. Eliza has been wailing the entire outing. Passage’s better half specifies that sustenance and a night’s rest will enable her to overlook them. The following morning, the slaves are acquainted with Tibeats, a slave handler, and Ford’s supervisor, Chapin. TIbeats sings a ridiculing melody cautioning the slaves against escape as they play out their work. They keep slashing timber and at last experience a little band of local individuals with whom they share a short relief. Solomon sees a stringed instrument and seems to recollect his own violin.

The following day, Solomon (against Clemens guidance) approaches Ford with a clever plan to transport the wood by means of the stream. Tibeats is to a great degree belittling, however Ford is inspired with Solomon’s conclusions and is induced. The plan was to humiliate he and that’s exactly what happened. Portage offers Solomon a violin to play as a reward. Back at the slave quarters Eliza is groaning in pity over the loss of her youngsters. Solomon is disappointed by the clamor and verbal confrontations her about making due under Ford’s “not too bad” treatment. Eliza  speaks up and informed him that Ford should clearly understand that Solomon isn’t a slave, yet does nothing to free him. Solomon is given interruption. Eliza is in the end sold off as Ford’s significant other can’t “tolerate the commotion.” Over the following couple of days, Tibeats endeavors to wreak negligible retribution on Solomon, prompting a verbal showdown. Tibeats endeavors to beat Solomon who battles back and shows signs of improvement of him. Chapin happens upon the scene and sends Tibeats running. He cautions him that he can’t ensure him on the off chance that he runs and infers that he will motivate Ford to rectify it. Afterward, we find that Tibeats has assembled a few hooligans to lynch Solomon for setting out to battle him. They have the noose around his neck and are getting ready to hang him when Chapin returns, just waiting to draw their weapons. He pursues them off, yet enables Solomon to hang there, scarcely ready to help his weight, on tip toes (discipline for striking a white man).

Continuously, slaves rise up out of their lodges and seem to fail to acknowledge his situation. A lady subtly presents to him some water, however rapidly withdraws. What gives off an impression of being hours after the fact, Ford at last returns and cuts the rope, sparing Solomon. He hauls him into the house for insurance, however concludes that he should be sold. Tibeats won’t be denied his retribution. It is here that we learn Ford has sold Solomon to an infamous manor proprietor named Epps, who is known for barbarous beatings. Epps peruses a Bible section, inclining the sacred writing to strengthen his responsibility for slaves. The following day brings multi day of picking cotton. Toward the day’s end, the heaviness of every laborer’s groups are checked. Solomon’s yield is not as much as normal. Slaves that picked not as much as the earlier day get lashes. In the mean time, Patsey surpasses the best creation of any specialist by about twofold. Epps waits around Patsey and offers broad acclaim for her. It is clear he is captivated by her, and his better half is none excessively satisfied. Epps enters the slave quarters and rouses them from rest, making an off the cuff move where Patsey is the focal point of consideration. Epps spouse tosses a substantial gem decanter at Patsey’s face, fiercely scarring her. She requests that Epps offer Patsey, however he asserts that he would send his better half away before losing Patsey.

Special lady Epps sends Solomon on an errand to the store. She gives him a rundown and notification him understanding it. She makes it obvious that he ought not do it once more. On his way to the store, Solomon is motivated to endeavor get away, yet bumbles into a lynching. Seeing the destiny of the two men, his soul is broken, and he proceeds to the store. Seeing the paper, he builds up the plan to take an extra sheet each time with the goal that he may make a letter. Some time later, Epps dispatches Solomon to an adjacent manor claimed by Shaw. Shaw has hitched one of his slaves and lifted her status (in any event on his manor). Patsey is there for a visit, getting a charge out of the delicacy, yet clearly Epps is desirous that Shaw may endeavor to bed her. After a short refreshment, Solomon persuades Patsey to go along with him. As they come back to Epps’ estate, he is obviously smashed. Solomon whispers to Patsey that she maintain a strategic distance from Epps, which Epps deciphers as Solomon making a lewd gesture. After an intoxicated pursue around the yard, Mistress Epps intercedes, if just to express her nauseate at her significant other’s fixation on Patsey. Soon thereafter, Epps lurches to the slave quarters and assaults her. Fancy woman Epps has had enough of her significant other’s undertaking and berates Patsey before remorselessly slicing her face. Soon thereafter, Patsey asks Solomon to choke her and discard her body. She can never again bear the weight of Epps’ assaults and his significant other’s torments. Solomon can’t, in spite of her supplications.

Some time later, we discover a group of laborers assembling a structure with a contracted hand, Bass. Bass is from the North and holds solid perspectives that contradict Epps’ unequivocally professional servitude leanings. They gab forward and backward before Solomon, provoking his advantage. Afterward, Epps is in a foam about Patsey. She’s disappeared, and Epps supposes she has fled. He debilitates every one of the ladies with viciousness over her misfortune; be that as it may, she has basically been returned to Shaw’s manor to visit her companion. She endeavors to persuade Epps that she is dedicated to him and went there to get some cleanser, an “extravagance” that Epps’ significant other has denied her. She uproariously declares her value and demands that she should be perfect. Epps is pushed over the edge by his significant other’s quarreling and calls for Patsey to be attached to the whipping post. As he gets ready to strike, he gets himself unfit to perpetrate the discipline. Timidly, he demands that Solomon do it. At initially, Solomon endeavors to be delicate, But Mistress Epps sees through the trickery and bumps her better half to build the seriousness. Epps indicates a firearm Solomon’s head and claims he will slaughter each slave he checks whether he doesn’t whip Patsey harder. Looked with an unspeakable decision, he whips her harder, a pink fog of blood going with each new strike. After he delays, Epps surges forward, fuming with seethe lastly whips Patsey himself. The severe discipline rips her substance to shreds, and she crumples.

Solomon gets himself alone with Bass, the procured hand. He asks where he’s from and when Bass answers, “Canada,” Solomon offers persuading learning regarding the nation. Bass asks how he’s so all around voyaged, and Solomon clarifies his desperate situation. Bass comes to trust Solomon’s story and knows its shocking foul play. As they proceed with work, Solomon takes a risk and requests that Bass compose letters to his companions in Saratoga. Bass concurs. At that point the work is done, and he takes off. A long shot waits on Solomon. He has no clue whether Bass has kept his oath. We don’t know to what extent Bass has been gone, however the tears in Solomon’s eyes demonstrate that maybe he’s start to feel that he has been sold out once more.

Presently we see a gathering of men working the dirt and planting seeds. A carriage pulls up to the Epps manor, and an official watching man gets out for Platt (Solomon). He answers and methodologies the man (a sheriff). The man puts forth a few inquiries and movements to another man in the carriage. It is Mr. Parker, a shop proprietor from Saratoga and companion of Solomon’s. With minimal further provoking, the sheriff is persuaded, and Solomon hurries to grasp his companion. Epps is rankled and yells void dangers. The sheriff disproves the contentions and Parker helps Solomon into the carriage that will take him to security. Patsey is there and shouts to him. Solomon jumps from the carriage to grasp her one final time before his flight. As he leaves, Patsey crumples in despondency. Presently Solomon has been conveyed home. Outside his entryway, he shows up defeat at having been conveyed from his bad dream. After entering, he sees his family. They are 12 years more seasoned, yet overpowered at seeing him. His little girl has hitched and named their child, Solomon Northup. Tears stream as they accumulate around him and welcome him home. A progression of title cards disclose that he endeavored to sue his criminals however fizzled. Northup turned into an abolitionist and supported numerous runaways in accomplishing their opportunity.

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